There is no doubt that Genshin Impact is popular, with there being millions of downloads over both mobile, console, and PC. With that many players, many would assume that whatever information was given to the game\’s company, miHoYo, would be kept safe. However, this information was put at risk with a recently discovered Genshin Impact glitch.

While Genshin Impact players don\’t need to worry about their credit cards or addresses being leaked so far, players who have linked their mobile phone number to their miHoYo account may need to stay alert. This is because of a glitch that can occur on the miHoYo website during account recovery.

The glitch only seems to happen randomly, and can only happen if players manually linked their miHoYo account to their mobile phone number. The page cannot get the phone number by players simply playing the game on their mobile devices without first linking their number.

When recovering one\’s miHoYo account, there are multiple ways to perform a security verification. One of these methods is to verify with the linked mobile number. However, while the number is not usually displayed in full, the number can sometimes appear with all of the digits visible. This means that if someone other than the account owner were to begin this process illicitly, they may get free access to the owner\’s phone number.

The only thing needed to access this page is an account\’s email address. If someone were to just enter another player\’s email address and successfully triggered the glitch, this means that they could easily begin to text and call the other person. Considering how both minors play Genshin Impact and that many people are in situations where their phone number shouldn\’t be released to others, this glitch is extremely dangerous.

This is also a cause for concern for YouTubers and streamers who play Genshin Impact. With many streamers having a public email, it would be very easy for some overzealous fans or trolls to take advantage of their phone number being public.

At this time, this glitch seems to be very rare, with only a few people worldwide coming out about it. However, that is still too many and holds the possibility for Genshin Impact players to get harassed or worse. Until the glitch is fixed, it\’s likely best that players not link their mobile phone number to their miHoYo accounts for safety concerns. It is unknown when this incredibly concerning glitch will be fixed.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with PS5 and Switch versions in development.