Developer miHoYo seems to have struck gold when it comes to its open world RPG Genshin Impact. The game has proven quite popular with players not only within miHoYo\’s home country of China, but around the globe, as well. In fact, the game performed so well over the month it entered version 1.0 that it now ranks among the most successful mobile game launches ever.

According to Sensor Tower\’s Store Intelligence estimates, Genshin Impact has now generated almost $250 million in revenue on mobile devices since the game launched at the end of September. This amount of revenue makes Genshin Impact the highest grossing mobile game globally for the past month with almost $30 million separating it from Honor of Kings in 2nd place, and around $50 million from PUBG Mobile in 3rd place.

These impressive numbers also make Genshin Impact the second-most successful mobile game launch ever, with games like Fire Emblem Heroes making $70 million and Fortnite making $25 million on mobile within their respective first months. The only mobile game that has generated more money through player spending in its opening month was Pokemon GO, with approximately $283 million.

Players that have been keeping a close eye on Genshin Impact since its launch are likely not surprised at the success the game has seen. Within the first four days of the game\’s release, it was reported that the game had already been downloaded over 17 million times on mobile devices alone. While this stat is quite impressive by itself, not long after it was learned that miHoYo had grossed $100 million on Genshin Impact, allowing the developer to recoup the development costs.

It also is helpful that Genshin Impact has a zealous and passionate fan base. When not playing the gacha game, players have demonstrated their dedication by creating beautiful artwork of the game as well as impressive cosplays of various characters, like Amber. Other players have dedicated their time away from Genshin Impact, improving the experience for others by creating helpful infographics and tools like Genshin Impact Damage Calculators.

The team behind Genshin Impact doesn\’t seem to be taking its community for granted, either. Since the game\’s official release, miHoYo has been hard at work on various quality of life and bug fixes for Genshin Impact. Some of these quality of life fixes include a detector that helps players locate Anemoculus and Geoculus and a possible improved fast travel system and are anticipated to come in version 1.1. And while it\’s only been one month since Genshin Impact hit 1.0, it seems the game has a very long life ahead of it.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.