Genshin Impact: How Thoma Compares To Other Pyro Users

Genshin Impact Version 2.2 offers new playable characters as well as the return of those released in previous updates – including Hu Tao\’s rerun Banner. Thoma, an Inazuma resident, is one of the latest playable characters in Genshin Impact and the newest addition to the Pyro user roster. With the growing number of playable characters, some may struggle to decide which characters to include on their team, especially when choosing between characters of the same element. As a new character, Thoma introduces new gameplay and attributes that separate him from other Pyro Vision holders, making him a considerable addition to the party.

Thoma first appeared in Genshin Impact 2.0 as the local fixer of Inazuma. He is a great friend of Ayaka and serves the Kamisato Clan as a housekeeper. As revealed during Thoma\’s Hangout Event, he originated from Mondstadt and came to Inazuma to deliver some wine to his father. Regrettably, his boat was destroyed by the deadly storms of Inazuma. Thoma was fortunate to be washed up on shore and survive, although he had nothing but a bottle of wine and an omamori originally from his father. While Inazuma is notable for being hostile to outsiders, Thoma is an exception, as he is well-known among Inazumans and trusted by the Kamisato Clan. Currently, Thoma is available alongside Genshin Impact\’s Hu Tao, Sayu, and Diona in the Moment of Bloom limited-time Banner Wish.

The number of Pyro Vision holders is currently the highest among all other elements in Genshin Impact. As a result, comparing Pyro characters side by side can be quite confusing. Genshin Impact\’s Thoma is a 4-star Pyro user who wields a polearm. As a character with a low rarity, attributes in his Talents are limited compared to those of 5-star characters. However, acquiring his Rubeum Scutum Constellations will allow him to develop into a stronger unit and improve Thoma\’s overall gameplay.

Genshin Impact: Thoma\’s Comparison To Other Pyro Users

In terms of ability, Genshin Impact\’s Thoma is best suited as a support character due to his incapacity to deal huge damages to opponents. His Base Attributes are also lower than the majority of 4-star characters, such as Xinyan, Xiangling, and Amber. In comparison to other Pyro polearm users, his Normal Attack is limited to four consecutive spear attacks, compared to Xiangling\’s five and Hu Tao\’s six.

Thoma\’s Burst skill allows him to transform his Normal Attacks into Fiery Collapses, increasing his AoE Pyro damage dealt with enemies. Furthermore, his Fiery Collapses can be triggered by other characters in the party while they are performing a Normal Attack. Moreover, Thoma\’s distinct ability that sets him apart from other Pyro vision holders in Genshin Impact is his Blazing Barrier Pyro shield which can be activated in both Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. On the downside, his Elemental Burst consumes a large amount of energy and his Elemental Skill has a fairly long cooldown. Players who are fortunate enough to acquire multiple Constellations of Thoma can expect him to have even stronger defense capabilities, as his Constellations focus on enhancing his Blazing Barrier, which is found on both Blazing Blessing and Crimson Ooyoroi.

Genshin Impact: Thoma\’s Shield Compared To Xinyan\’s

In Genshin Impact, the health value of shields formed by a character\’s Talents is highly dependent on the character\’s DEF or Max HP. Xinyan and Thoma are the only members of the Pyro group who are capable of creating a shield. Xinyan\’s Sweeping Fervor scales its damage absorption by the number of opponents attacking and her DEF, whereas Thoma\’s Blazing Barrier scales its damage absorption by his Max HP. At the same time, both Xinyan in Genshin Impact and Thoma\’s Elemental Skill applies Pyro to themselves while also having 250% DMG absorption effectiveness against Pyro DMG.

Conversely, Thoma\’s shield has the additional property that when a new Blazing Barrier is created, the remaining DMG absorption stacks, and the duration of the Blazing Barrier is refreshed. This ability is enhanced further in his Constellation level 6, where all in-party characters using Normal Attack deal 15% more damage when Blazing Barrier is refreshed. This strengthens the shield, allowing it to absorb the majority of the enemy\’s attack. Genshin Impact\’s Thoma is also equipped with the Snap and Swing Passive Talent, which guarantees him a 20% chance of obtaining a double catch while fishing.

Which Genshin Impact Characters Thoma Works Best With

With Thoma\’s abilities heavily focused on defense-oriented gameplay, he is excellent to be paired with various characters. Among Pyro users, Thoma is most suited to be a tandem with Hu Tao in Genshin Impact. Thoma is capable of maximizing Hu Tao\’s overall abilities with his Blazing Blessing Skill and Crimson Ooyoroi Burst. Hu Tao\’s Guide to Afterlife Elemental Skills scales off a huge amount of her HP, making her vulnerable to attacks and damages. Applying Thoma\’s shield with Hu Tao will prevent her from taking damages while also dealing a great number of Pyro damages to enemies.

Additionally, Thoma is certain to exhibit impressive synergies with other elements, particularly Hydro Vision holders for the Vaporize Elemental Reaction and Cryo characters for triggering Melt. Although Genshin Impact features an array of great shield characters, Thoma, as a Pyro user, has the advantage of creating the Fervent Flames – a two-piece Pyro resonance effect. This resonance effect is most effective throughout combat as it increases attack by 25% and activates a 40% less time affected Cryo. In general, Thoma is an excellent support unit capable of balancing the party\’s overall gameplay. Apart from his shield, his AoE attacks deal additional damage to the enemy, a critical function for any support character.

While Thoma in Genshin Impact may have the disadvantage of being a 4-star character, a character\’s strength is still determined by a variety of factors, including Artifact Builds and Weapon Ascensions. Those who are dedicated to building Thoma are likely concentrating their efforts on improving his ATK, HP, Energy Recharge, and CRIT attributes. Although DPS characters in Genshin Impact are considered the most valuable members of a team, a support unit is a necessary component of any composition, as they are responsible for dealing extra damage to opponents. Choosing a well-rounded support character capable of carrying out defensive strategies during combat is one of the considerations Genshin Impact players must take.

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