Characters in Genshin Impact have a long way to go before reaching Max level. Leveling characters are one of the many aspects of action-RPG\’s that make them so entertaining. Watching how they evolve and decimate any opposition is a journey of it\’s own separate from the main game. This guide will elaborate on character Ascension as well as the materials that make it possible.

Leveling is quite simple as the materials required for it are obtained on a regular basis. Ascending however requires the use of very special materials that are only obtained through particular means. Transmutation, Sigil purchases, and dungeon crawling supply players with these materials and should be frequented whenever the chance arises.

Ascending Characters in Genshin Impact

Every character in Genshin Impact starts at the lowest level, no matter how they are acquired. Whether it be through gameplay, a special event, or using the Gacha mechanic, each character will start at the lowest point possible; Level 1/20. Leveling them up is relatively simple but Ascension requires a little extra work. The items used for leveling up are found just about everywhere in every chest. Ascension materials, however, can be obtained from special vendors, completing difficult tasks, or defeating high-level enemies/bosses. Generally, Two out of the three Ascension materials can be found out in the world. From picking flowers to defeating average enemies. The main material is a kind of gem specific to the element of that character from Ascensions 1-4. Ascensions 5 and 6 require entirely different materials.

Ascending the Traveler in Genshin Impact

The traveler, as well as all other characters, require gems for the first four Ascension levels as stated before. The traveler\’s first gem is named the Brilliant Diamond Silver. This item can be obtained from raising the player\’s Adventure Rank to 15. Adventure ranks really open up the game, and as players acquire more, new items become available, dungeons, etc. Once players have reached Adventure rank 15, they have to return to Katheryne to collect their rank up rewards. After collecting, open the radial fast menu and select the character icon. Within the Attributes sub-menu, players should have maxed out their character before Ascending. The max level before the first Ascension is 20 and after each subsequent Ascension the max level increases by another 20. Click the button denoted as \”Ascend\” instead of Level-up and confirm the selection. The other two materials for Ascending the main character or Cracked Masks and Windwheel Aster flowers; 3 of each. Every 1oth Adventure rank that follows, players will be awarded another Gem that will unlock the next Ascension for the main character.

Ascending other Characters in Genshin Impact

While other characters require roughly the same number of materials to Ascend, players can acquire the main material at almost any time. The souvenir shop in Mondstadt sells the first Ascension gems for Ameno Sigils. Higher Tier gems can be transmuted at the Alchemist using 3 of the lesser gem that comes before it.  So three Agnidus Agate Silver will get players one Agnidus Agate Fragment; this is for Ascension Level 2. There\’s an emphasis on \”almost any time\” because subsequent gems for later Ascensions become available for purchase/transmutation every 10 Adventure levels after level 15. Just a reminder, character Ascensions are tied to Adventure Rank rather than making actual main-story progress. These gems will be some form of Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst, Jade, Lazurite, and Agate. Each gem type represents an elemental class so for example, every Ameno attribute character will require Turquoise to Ascend. Like the Traveler, there are 2 other materials required per Ascension and these can be found out in the world.

Ascending Weapons in Genshin Impact

Like characters, weapons require 3 items in order to Ascend. Weapons must reach the max level before Ascension, which would be every 20th level. These have a max total of 6 Ascensions as well, so it\’s a long road before maxing out weapons. The main Ascension materials in Mondstadt are the Tile of Decarabian\’s Tower, Boreal Wolf\’s Milk Tooth, and Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator. These can be purchased from the Souvenir shop a limited number of times or found in special Dungeons around the map. Cecilia Garden and Domain of Forgery have a chance of dropping these items at all levels, but the lowest tier versions are sometimes found in chests around the map. Liyue Ascension materials are Luminous Sands from Guyun, Mist Veiled Lead Elixir, and Grain of Aerosiderite. The Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula and the Domain of Forgery dungeons award a chance at obtaining all Tiers of these items. Higher Tier versions can also be crafted at the Alchemist, once players have reached the appropriate Adventure Level.