Chinese developer miHoYo\’s open-world RPG Genshin Impact has been available for nearly two weeks, and many players are flocking to it every day. With over 21 million players pre-registering for the free-to-play game before launch, it\’s easy to say the game has been popular around the globe. However, some of these players have likely hit a point where they want to optimize their team\’s output in battle.

When it comes to building the best possible team composition in Genshin Impact, there are many things that players must think of. However, the first thing players should consider is the Element types of the characters in their roster. These Elements are vital for a successful team comp, as they will help increase the overall damage output by creating Elemental Reactions like Overloaded and Superconduct.

These Elements also play an important role with Elemental Resonance, a party-wide bonus for having more than one of the same Elemental type in a party. For example, having two Pyro characters, such as Diluc and Klee, will give the party an increase to ATK by 25 percent and cause them to be affected by Cryo for 40 percent less time. Players can find a full list of these Elemental Resonances in their party setup menu. It also might be wise for players to set up multiple parties in order to swap out depending on the situation.

It is also important for players to determine what roles the characters in their party will take. In Genshin Impact, characters can fill the roles of DPS, Support, or Healers, with some characters able to take on different roles depending on their build. DPS characters, like Xiangling or Xiao, would be major damage dealers. Supports, like Fischl or Venti, are responsible for setting up Elemental Reactions, buffs, or debuffs. Finally, Healers like Qiqi and Barbara will be the main source of healing for the party.

Common builds typically revolve around having one DPS, two Supports, and one Healer. However, it\’s worth noting that if players are having difficulty with maximizing their damage output, they can trade the Healer for another Support. In this case, players will likely want one Support to be the same Elemental type as their DPS, and their other two Supports to be of the same Element. Another option in this scenario would be to have a Support the same Elemental type as their DPS, then another Support that compliments them through a Reaction, and the final Support being Anemo-based to create the Swirl effect that spreads Elements to other enemies.

The best advice when it comes to building a strong team composition in Genshin Impact is to take these concepts and experiment with characters that are available to the player. If players have found a way to make Fischl more powerful, for example, they should attempt to build to her strengths. That\’s part of the fun in Genshin Impact: The world of Teyvat is built to be explored with strange new ideas.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4.