There are plenty of side quests in Genshin Impact for players who want to take a break from exploring the depths of its massive open-world. However, some of those Genshin Impact quests may be more confusing than others.

Genshin Impact allows players to explore a variety of settings in whichever way they see fit. There are plenty of hidden treasures and secret quests to keep the player engaged for hours, such as finding the secret uninhabited island in Genshin Impact.

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Besides exploring, there are other side quests such as \”Cleanup At Dawn\” that require the player to help maids clean up stains after a storm hits the winery at Mondstadt. There aren\’t specific instructions on how to do this, so it might be confusing for players, but they can still become the best maids they can be.

Once players reach the winery, they need to have a specific elemental character type with them. Any character with water abilities such as Barbara will work for the job. Players need to switch to this water character and physically clean up the stains with their abilities, using the \”E\” key if playing on a PC, and attack the stains. If this doesn\’t work, players should stand closer to the stains, since they might not have a huge hitbox.

The stains themselves are not hard to spot, as there are only four stains in total, but all of them are scattered throughout the first floor of the winery. The first stain is in front of Elzer, the second stain is on the bottom left corner of the red carpet, the third is on the right side of the winery past the desk, and the last is on the top right corner of the carpet in the back. Once players have successfully cleaned up all the stains, they will need to talk to the maid Adelinde to complete the quest and redeem their rewards in Genshin Impact.

The reward for completing this quest is 100 adventure experience points, 20,000 Mora, and five Tea Break Pancakes. It is also possible for players to use wind elemental characters if they don\’t have a water character in their roster yet, as both should be adequate for this quest. Hopefully, this will help players get some quick rewards before they jump back into doing whatever else they need to do around the world of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, and PS4.