Genshin Impact has a lot of content, and not all of it is easy. Players will have to wander the free-to-play, open world of Genshin Impact looking for clues as to how to finish some of them. One of the not-so-easy puzzles is how to clean the statues of the Seven.

The Statutes of the Seven

The Statues of the Seven are all over the world of Genshin Impact, representing the seven gods of their world. Knowing that the main character\’s sister or brother was stolen by a god, the players must inspect each of the god statues they come across. The statue at Starfell Lake is one of these, and it is cleaned in the same way that all the other statues can be. It will certainly keep players busy while they await the rumored new content and location in the upcoming Update 1.1.

Required Types of Characters

The cleaning of the statues will require having one of several characters with Hydro or Anemo. There are currently seven total characters in the game that fulfill that requirement, and only a couple of them are S-Ranked, highest on the Genshin Impact character tier list:

  • Barbara (Hydro)
  • Jean (Anemo)
  • Mona (Hydro)
  • Sucrose (Anemo)
  • Venti (Anemo)
  • Xiao (Anemo)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)

In order to change out a character in a party, players just have to summon Piamon and rearrange who is one of the four in a party. Select the Hydro or Anemo (wind) character with the d-pad on PS4 or 1-4 keys on PC. Once the Hydro or Anemo character is the avatar of the party, they need to use their Elemental Blast skill. Aim the skill directly at the dirty statues, then jump and glide at the statue. The combination of the gliding and the wind or water will clean it enough for whichever Genshin Impact twin players chose to interact with it.

Players will know that the statue is clean when enemy Pyro Slimes spawn nearby.

What Players Get

As for why players would bother cleaning a statue, there are several benefits for those who are not above minimal cleaning labor. Cleaning and offering elemental oculi to statues give players rewards that are worth a little elbow grease to get.

  • Cleaned statues become waypoints for fast travel.
  • Restore parties to full health.
  • Allows players to change elemental talents.
  • Grant players blessings for leveling Adventure Ranks.

Hopefully, players will get to see even more statues and Hydro and Anemo characters in the upcoming update.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, and PS4.