Genshin Impact has its fair share of confusing quest objectives, and these often make completing quests more difficult than it should be. For example, during the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, players are instructed to \”enter the ruins,\” leading many to believe that the quest objective was in a separate instance. This wasn\’t the case in that quest, though.

While this type of thing can be frustrating at times, one of the things that Genshin Impact is praised for is its willingness to make fans think outside the box. Sometimes the solution to a puzzle is as simple as it seems, but other times players really have to put some thought into things or approach an issue from a different perspective.

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This holds true for the quest Time and Wind during the part where players have to \”disperse the cluster of wind.\” Getting to this quest is a challenge of its own right, as players need to either use cryo characters to walk across the water or have a very specific gliding setup. For those fans that love a challenge, the trials don\’t stop there.

Partway through the quest players will be met with this objective, but all players are given as a guide is a large circle on the map to search in. The key to finding these clusters is using elemental sight, as this will reveal the invisible wind clusters. If the player can\’t find them, they should follow the wind that sweeps through the area and leads towards these clusters.

After getting to a cluster, simply use any Anemo powered attack to disperse it. The player\’s starting Traveler twin has Anemo element magic already, so this is a surefire way to get this done, but other characters like Venti will work as well. There are three clusters in total to find: one is across the water behind the sundial, the second one is atop a large pillar to the player\’s right when looking at the sundial, but the final one is a bit trickier to obtain.

This one is located out in the water on the other side of the island. Players can swim over to the pillar in order to get closer, but with the Traveler\’s Anemo skill they won\’t be able to reach the cluster. In order to get around this, use Kaeya\’s elemental skill to freeze the water, switch to the Traveler, and then walk closer and disperse the cluster. This should allow the player to continue on with the quest.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.