Primogems are Genshin Impacts\’ premium form of currency which allows players to buy items that are otherwise difficult to obtain. For every 160 Primogems a player collects, they can buy a single Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate which are items used in Genshin Impact\’s gashapon system. However, players will need to farm Primogems if they want to earn enough to buy Fates without spending any real-world money.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play title, but players can spend money to buy Genesis Crystals. These crystals can be turned into Primogems which can be used to buy Fates. For those who don\’t want to spend money, there are a plethora of ways players can earn Primogems here and there to buy Fates without spending money. Players will want to buy Fates because they are the only way to unlock certain very powerful characters, but the grind to get enough Primogems to buy a health amount of Fates can be a grind.

Earning Primogems In Genshin Impact

The simplest method of obtaining Primogems is to spend money to obtain them in large quantities, but this guide is for those who want to earn them through manual labor. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to earn Primogems without spending a dime.

The slowest method of obtaining Primogems is via the daily login bonus. Every seven days the player can earn 300 Primogems just by logging into Genshin Impact and claiming the login bonus. A quick way to earn small amounts of Primogems is by opening chests and activating teleport waypoints. Each of these actions only rewards the player with 5 Primogems, but there are a lot of chests to open which make them add up over time. Players can also earn small amounts of Primogems by opening game tips. A game tip will appear on screen after every new encounter, and players can open the tip to be rewarded with information and Primogems.

However, the best method of obtaining Primogems is by completing quests. Almost every quest in Genshin Impact will reward the player with Primogems in much larger amounts than any other method. These can be quests from the adventurers guild, random NPCs, or story quests. Dungeons and puzzles are also a great way to obtain large amounts of Primogems quickly.