Genshin Impact is full of mysteries for players to unravel as they explore the vast land of Teyvat, and oftentimes the game isn\’t very clear about what it is players need to be doing. Usually that isn\’t the case within actual quests, but Treasure Lost, Treasure Found is giving players trouble thanks to a misleading quest objective.

During every quest in Genshin Impact, the objectives will be listed on the left hand side of the screen. Usually there\’s also a quest marker as well telling players where they need to go next, but this isn\’t always the case. Sometimes players need to do a little critical thinking to figure out what comes next.

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That\’s kind of the case with Treasure Lost, Treasure Found, but here the quest objective is a little misleading and will hopefully be adjusted in the next Genshin Impact update. Everything is pretty standard up to the point where players are asked to \”Enter the ruin and search for a strange jade plate (0/4).\”

The four plates that players need to find are actually marked on the map, though it isn\’t very easy to see at first. Rather than the typical quest marker, players need to be on the lookout for a grayish symbol that looks like a square cut in half diagonally. Heading to these locations, players will see a large, stone platform. Most of these four platforms are guarded by monsters that must be defeated. Having 5-star characters and weapons will help with this, but is by no means necessary. After clearing the area, simply walk to the platform and interact with it, doing this four times will advance the quest.

After returning to Soraya, she\’ll inform the player that there is in fact one final thing they need to do, but this time it\’s even less obvious that it\’s a quest objective. Opening up the map, players will notice a fairly large, solid blue circle representing a pool of water. Head to this location, interact with the final plate, defeat the enemies in the area (there\’s quite a few), and then press the button again. Doing this should drain the water in the central area, revealing a tons of chests and a host of rewards for Genshin Impact players to enjoy.

This quest is strange as it doesn\’t really feel like the player is entering ruins when they clear off these stone plates. What\’s more, the location of the stone plates is marked on the map as if the game wants players to know exactly where to go, but it\’s difficult to see and there\’s no indication of what to look for. Either way, the rewards for this quest are quite handsome, so it\’s worth the effort. Genshin Impact does a lot of things right, but there\’s a lot that could be improved as well.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.