At some point on their journey, Genshin Impact players will come across the quest Nine Pillars of Peace. Completing this isn\’t easy, but fans have a handsome reward waiting for them should they soldier through it. At the end of the quest, the final objective is to \”Fetch a good price for the dull ring,\” though it isn\’t entirely clear how players should go about doing this.

Genshin Impact is full of various quests and adventures for players to go on, but Nine Pillars of Peace is widely considered one of the more challenging ones in the game. Players that have managed to make it this far should celebrate, as this part is easy compared to the rest of the quest.

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Essentially, fetching a good price for the ring just means selling it to one of two potential buyers. Players can choose to either give the ring to Bolai, found in Genshin Impact\’s second region at Liyue Harbor, or to Linlang instead. Each of these characters offers the player a different price, and which the player chooses to accept is up to them.

Players wanting to seel the ring to Linlang will be offered 200,000 Mora. This is a quick and dirty way to make a lot of cash, but players should be sure to consider Bolai\’s offer as well. Selling the ring to Bolai rewards the player with less Mora (only 180,000 instead of 200,000), but also includes what Bolai refers to as add-ons. For those players wondering, the add-ons Bolai speaks of are 5x Adeptus\’ Temptation, a 5-star food item that buffs the entire party\’s attack by 260-371 and their crit rate by 8-12% for 300 seconds.

Considering the difference in Mora is only 20,000, it makes the most sense for players to sell the ring to Bolai. Ultimately, the decision is up to each individual player, and those hurting for money or that don\’t find themselves using food items often may prefer to take Linlang\’s offer, but players can easily get more than 20,000 Mora by grinding Ley Lines of Wealth, whereas attaining this food item is a much more involved process.

Finally, players technically have a third option too, as they could theoretically choose to keep the ring. Doing this isn\’t recommended, however, as the quest will not be completed until The Traveller sells the Dull Ring to Linlang or Bolai. Regardless of who players choose to sell the ring to, they\’ll be rewarded with an achievement for completing the quest.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.