Genshin Impact recently surprised players with the early release of the game\’s newest update, Version 1.1. The update introduces several new characters, like the much-anticipated Tartaglia (aka \”Childe\”), as well as quality of life adjustments and in-game features.

Although Version 1.1 marks the end of Klee\’s banner in Genshin Impact, it introduces powerful new five-star characters like Zhongli and Childe. New Story Quests and content have been added to the game as well, including a unique \”Reputation\” system that allows players to build up their reputation in a particular region by assisting with difficult bounties.

Players can earn a Reputation for every region in Teyvat, but before working on this trait they will have to reach Adventure Rank (AR) 25. Once appropriately leveled, Travelers who hope to become a Mondstadt Local Specialty should speak to Hertha, the Knights of Favonius\’ Coordinator. She becomes available west of the Angel\’s Share tavern in Mondstadt upon completing the Prologue\’s First Act, and allows players to build Reputation by offering Requests and Bounties.

Travelers with their sights set on Liyue fame will have to wait until they can complete \”Farewell, Archaic Lord,\” which doesn\’t become available until AR 29. Even with the new Genshin Impact update, many players consider AR 30 and beyond to be \”late game,\” so this may take some time. Nevertheless, AR 29 and above Travelers can speak to Ms. Yu of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Ms. Yu allows players to accept Bounties and Requests that will build Liyue Reputation.

Players can only accept Bounties after reaching Reputation Level 2 in a given region, but most Travelers who have already been playing Genshin Impact will find themselves with more than enough Reputation Experience.

Once accepted, a Bounty challenges Travelers to track down and defeat a specialized mob of enemies in exchange for a reward and Reputation. The mobs are notably stronger than usual enemies, and feature unique attributes that are explained in the Bounty\’s text. Travelers should pay close attention to each Bounty\’s buffs, as they will often affect a player\’s ability to apply different kinds of Elemental damage.

Players should be aware that Travelers can only complete three Bounties per week. Because Bounties offer varying levels of difficulty and rewards, players who want to maximize Genshin Impact Reputation system should be selective when accepting Bounties. If a Traveler uses up their three weekly Bounties on low-level challenges, they will earn much less Reputation than a Traveler completing higher-level Bounties. Players also shouldn\’t shy away from failure, considering there\’s an Achievement obtained by failing to successfully complete a Bounty.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.