Surviving in the world of Genshin Impact can be incredibly difficult when the game pits players against all manner of dangerous creatures. The world is full of goblin-like Hilichurls, elemental mages, and even massive dragon gods that can eliminate players extremely quickly.  The most difficult fights in the game though are by far against the range of different boss battles available.

One of the more interesting boss types in the game is the Hypostasis. There are several different kinds of Hypostasis enemies in the game, and each one has complete control over a specific element. They also each have their own abilities and fight patterns that will require specific strategies from players trying to defeat them. One such boss is the Electro Hypostasis that will throw out many powerful electrical attacks at the player. This guide shows players how to find the Electro Hypostasis as well as how to defeat it.


Genshin Impact: How to Find the Electro Hypostasis

Players will be able to face off against the Electro Hypostasis fairly early in the game, but the enemy will scale to a player\’s level. This means that no matter what point they face off against it at, it will be roughly the same challenge regardless. In order to reach it, players will want to travel to the southeastern portion of Mondstadt and follow the road that goes east through Dadaupa Gorge. This road will travel up to Cape Oath, and the Electro Hypostasis will be just off this path. Additionally, if players have already been to Cape Oath they will be able to fast travel there and quickly hop into this fight.

Facing off against this enemy is by no means an easy task, but it will provide players will many different rewards. Players will receive Adventure Rank points and weapons as well as character ascension materials for their Electro characters. Keep in mind that a few minutes after the Electro Hypostasis is killed it will respawn, which allows players to face off against it as many times as they wish as long as they have Original Resin.

Before facing off against the Electro Hypostasis though, players will want to ensure that they have the best party members available for the fight. It is a bad idea to bring any Electro-based characters, as they will be of no use against the Hypostasis. Essentially, players will want to bring any strong characters in their arsenal who use an element other than Electro. Here is a solid lineup for an effective team:

  • Chongyun- This Cryo user is perfect for dealing large amounts of Cryo damage against enemies. His skill deals AOE damage against enemies and also converts any other attacks into Cryo damage. This combines will with the inherent Electro abilities of the Hypostasis to cause more powerful Superconduct damage.
  • Diluc (or Amber)- Players who have access to Diluc should definitely use him, as he is one of the best characters in the game and deals an insane amount of Pyro damage. This will combine to cause Overload explosion damage or even Melt damage when combined with Chongyun\’s attacks. If players don\’t have Diluc or want a ranged fighter, Amber will work in a pinch.
  • Mona (or Barbara)- She is perfect for this fight as she can deal a lot of Hydro damage against the Hypostasis and cause Electro-Charged damage. A Pyro character can even come in to deal even more damage with Vaporize. Players can also sub in Barbara if they want someone with healing abilities.
  • Xiangling- She is strong Pyro fighter in her own right, and it is incredibly useful to be able to use her special attack to deal continuous damage. The best reason to have her on the team though is that having two Pyro characters will increase the damage of all Pyro attacks in combat.

Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Electro Hypostasis

The fight against the Electro Hypostasis can be a tough one because this enemy is incredibly aggressive. As soon as the fight begins the creature will begin throwing a range of different attacks at the player that can cause a lot of damage. These are its different attacks:

  • Rock, Scissors, Paper- Its first combo attack is named after the famous children\’s game (albeit incorrectly ordered) and the combo always proceeds in the exact same order. It will first punch forward at the player, then sweep the ground left to right, and finally, it will form a flat surface and slam directly on the ground. The way to avoid these attacks is just keep sprinting as fast as possible, and don\’t go anywhere near it until the combo is finished.
  • Clap- The Electro Hypostasis will rush towards the player then pull itself apart and slam back together like hands clapping. This can cause a solid amount of damage as well as knock the player backward. The trick is to run backwards when this attack appears. After that, the player can rush in to attack its exposed core.
  • Electrostorm- If the boss falls towards the ground without the player doing anything, then it is setting up for this attack. A large circle will appear underneath the Hypostasis. If players are within the circle then they will be knocked backwards as the creature\’s armor shoots outwards, and then beams of Electro energy will come lancing out as well. Players will need to stay outside the circle until the armor shoots out and then rush in to attack the core.
  • Drill and Cannon- The Hypostasis will first form a drill before slowly trying to attack the player. Players should just stay away from the drill until the Hypostasis draws runs around itself and fires slow-moving projectiles towards the player. Dodge towards the boss and then attack its exposed core.

Like all of the Hypostasis enemies, players will only be able to deal damage to the boss\’ core. So the object of this fight is to avoid all attacks that it throws, but then quickly rush in to deal damage. Players who want to end this fight as quickly as possible will want to combine their elements together, but should try to save their special abilities for the second part of the fight.

Once the Hypostasis is near death it will drop its armor, but become invulnerable. The boss will summon three elementals around itself that players will need to destroy to finally kill the Electro Hypostasis. If players do not destroy these elementals quickly enough, they each restore 15% of the Hypostasis\’ overall health.  The trick here though is that players are unable to deal damage to these beings with normal attacks, and will instead need to use all of the elemental attacks at their disposal. Keep switching between the four different characters and using their special abilities whenever possible to bring the Hypostasis down.

If the Hypostasis does manage to heal itself, players will need to bring it back down to near death before the elementals reappear. Luckily though, the elementals will have the exact same level of health that they had before and they don\’t respawn, so the second time should be more than enough to finish it off for good.