Throughout the course of Genshin Impact there is an assortment of very difficult enemies to face off against. Many of the enemies in the game are standard mobs like normal Hilichurls that pose little threat to even the most basic of players. Other enemies like mages will provide much more of a challenge towards players. This isn\’t even to mention all of the game\’s different bosses.

Boss type enemies will provide a sizable challenge to players no matter which ones they face off against. The cube-like Hypostasis enemies pose a really big threat to almost all players. One of these bosses is the Geo Hypostasis, which will use its very powerful Geo powers to deal damage against the player. This guide will show players how to track down the Geo Hypostasis and how to defeat it in combat.

Genshin Impact: How to Find Geo Hypostasis

In order to fight against the Geo Hypostasis, players need to travel to a string of islands east of Liyue. These islands are out in the middle of the ocean so they can be incredibly difficult to reach, so it is near impossible to get there by swimming. Players will instead need to first go to Guyun Stone Forest, which is just south of the Geo Hypostasis area. While here players can glide off the cliff here to make it to the first island. From here players are able to either swim or walk across shallow waters to make it to the Geo Hypostasis arena.

In order to start the fight, players will just need to approach the Geo Hypostasis to begin fighting it. Upon its death, the creature will provide players with many different rewards, including resources to level up and ascend their Geo elemental characters. Keep in mind that this boss can be fought as many times as the player wants as it will respawn just a few minutes after being defeated.


Genshin Impact: How to Defeat the Geo Hypostasis

The trick to defeating the Geo Hypostasis is to have a solid mix of characters on the player\’s team. Ranged combatants will be able to attack the creature\’s core when it is exposed, but heavier hitters will be needed to deal damage during most of the fight. Players should make sure they bring one character that has a claymore and at least one with Geo abilities. A great team for this fight is:

  • Noelle- Noelle is very strong and deals massive amounts of damage with her claymore. She also has Geo abilities which will make her very useful during this fight.
  • Traveler- The main character is already pretty strong on their own, but players can boost their effectiveness in this fight by acquiring the Geo powers in Liyue.
  • Fischl- She is by far the strongest Electro element user, and her ranged abilities will be ideal for attacking the core. Players can also combine her abilities with Geo to cause Crystallize.
  • Amber- Amber can also cause ranged damage to the core, but her main use is to combine her Pyro attacks with Electro attacks and cause Overload damage.

Once players have decided which characters to bring with them in the fight they will need to understand exactly what attacks the Geo Hypostasis will throw at them. During the first phase of this fight, the Geo Hypostasis will summon five towers on the arena that it will stand on top of of these towers which put it just out of reach of melee attacks. Players have the option of either firing at its exposed core from below or attacking the towers with a claymore or Geo user to break them.

Attacking its core keeps players directly out of harm\’s way, but this will take a lot more time and set them up for issues later on. As the boss begins to lose health it will eventually decide to launch shockwaves from any tower that is still standing. In order to reduce the amount of damage that the Geo Hypostasis can cause, players should focus on bringing down these towers as quickly as possible.

Instead, players should focus on attacking towers as often as possible. The Hypostasis will leap between the towers as they are attacked, so players should focus on chipping away their health very quickly. Once a tower is low on health, players should wait until the Hypostasis returns to that tower to destroy it. This will cause the Hypostasis to fall to the ground and allow players a few moments to attack it with their strongest fighter. Players should save their strongest attacks for when the Hypostasis falls to the ground to deal as much damage as possible.

Players should keep in mind though that the Hypostasis has a few attacks at its disposal that can make things very difficult for them. If players don\’t attack the tower it is on quickly enough, it will launch a shockwave that deals a lot of damage. Keep following it and attacking to reduce the chance of it launching an attack. It also has a ranged attack that launches Geo crystals at the player to deal damage as well. The best way to negate this damage is to quickly hide behind a nearby tower. These crystals will damage the tower instead of the player and do a lot of work for them.

Once the Hypostasis manages to get is large shockwave attack off, players will need to act very quickly. They can dodge these attacks by standing in between the two outer towers where the shockwaves hit, but there is a much more useful way to avoid this attack. A crystal will appear near one of the crystals that players can attack. Once it is destroyed a shield will appear around the player and that tower. Use the shield to block all incoming damage and attack the tower as much as physically possible.

Players should remember to constantly switch between their characters to set the Hypostasis up for elemental reactions. Pyro and Electro attacks in particular are great for dealing damage against the Hypostasis\’ core when it\’s too far away to attack with melee attacks. Additionally, combining Geo with other elements is a great way to bring the towers down more quickly.

Once players manage to get the Hypostasis\’ health down to a very low point, it will eventually enter a kind of recovery mode. Any remaining towers will begin recharging the boss\’ health, so players will need to destroy all the remaining towers to finish it off. Attack them as quickly as possible to stop the Hypostasis from returning to combat, but most likely players won\’t be able to destroy all of them in this time if they weren\’t constantly focusing on the towers. They will most likely be sent back to the first phase of the fight again, but this time with fewer towers to worry about. Just keep attacking the towers and eventually, the Geo Hypostasis will go down for good… at least until the player decides they want to take another crack at this difficult enemy.