There are many different things to do throughout Genshin Impact. Players are able to complete a multitude of different story and side missions or even go up against a range of powerful enemies throughout the world. These enemies will become even stronger as the game goes on, and players will need to understand the best ways to fight in the game as well as use different elemental combinations. This is even more obvious against the game\’s bosses.

One such boss is the main boss of the Moonstadt campaign, Stormterror Dvalin. This massive dragon-like beast is capable of dishing out an insane amount of damage, and players will need to stay on their toes if they want to survive the fight. First things first though, players will need to find Stormterror before they can even face off against him. This guide shows players how to track Stormterror down and how to defeat him.

Genshin Impact: How to Find Stormterror Dvalin

The first thing that players will need to do if they want to track down Stormterror Dvalin is to push their Adventure Rank up to level 18. Since Stormterror is a part of the main quest, players will only be able to face off against him by being a high enough level to access his associated questline. Once players reach level 18 and pick up his questline, they will be given a marker on their map that points them towards Stormterror\’s lair.

Once players make their way to Stormterror\’s lair they will discover a large temple that is completely shrouded by a barrier. It is impossible to penetrate this barrier, so instead, players will need to use their gliding and platform skills to get around it. There will be some nearby wind currents that will allow players to glide around and eventually make their way inside the inside of the temple. Players will then be directed to pick up three crystals to activate a nearby switch.

There will then be three more switches to activate throughout the area that each requires players to pick up three crystals apiece. This isn\’t that easy though as there are also several enemies surrounding each switch that will need to be cleared out before accessing them. Once this has all been done the barrier around the temple will drop, and players will be able to fight Stormterror.

Genshin Impact: How to Beat Stormterror Dvalin

Once players start the fight they will be warned that Stormterror is a level 26 boss. This means that players should try to at least have a level 26 party, but preferably higher than that to make this fight as easy as possible. Player\’s will also want to make sure they bring specific characters into this fight to make things simpler for themselves. Ranged attackers are ideal because Stormterror spends a lot of time flying around the arena. This also allows players to deal damage without putting themselves in harm\’s way. The best party to bring into the Stormterror fight is:

  • Kaeya (or any strong Cryo User)- This will allow players to freeze Stormterror and set him up for elemental reaction damage.
  • Amber- Players can use Amber\’s fire arrows to deal damage from afar, but also deal some nasty melt damage when combined with Kaeya\’s attacks
  • Fischl (or Lisa if you don\’t have Fischl yet)- Electro-based attacks can be combined with both Cryo and Pyro statuses to deal a massive amount of damage to Stormterror and break his shields
  • Main Character- The Traveler is the best free character and has high damage attributes. Players can use the Anemo skill to deal additional damage to Stormterror when combined with other elements.

The first part of the Stormterror fight is a rehash of the shoot \’em up style fight from earlier in the game. Players will take control of the main character as they fly through the air after the dragon and fire bolts of energy at weak points on his body. After players destroy the first crystal, Stormterror will begin firing laser beams back at the player that will need to be dodged quickly. They don\’t deal a lot of damage individually, but they can add up over time.

Stormterror will fly very far away after each weak point is destroyed, so players will need to shoot Anemo crystals in the air to open up rings that give a speed boost. These will give players a large enough boost to catch up to Stormterror and begin dealing damage again. Repeat these steps until Stormterror\’s health runs out and then it\’s on to round 2.

Genshin Impact: Stormterror\’s Second Round

After defeating the beast in the air, Stormterror will come eventually drop to the ground and fight the player in a small arena. This completely circular arena is broken in several spots, so players will need to use their platforming skills to leap over these holes in the ground while still keeping their eyes on Stormterror. Stormterror has several attacks and abilities that players will need to look out for:

  • Flying- Stormterror will fly off-screen and then fly directly at the player\’s platform. Players will need to move to either side to avoid damage.
  • Bite- Stormterror will bite wherever the player is standing
  • Fire Breath- He moves his head to one side of the platform and blows fire in the other direction. Players will need to rush to another side quickly to avoid damage.
  • Pulse Bomb- He will float in the air and shoot four pulsating bombs at the player.
  • Pulse Nuke- Several dark rings will appear on the platform before exploding.
  • Ultimate- Fire will rain down from the sky and catch whatever platform the player is standing on on fire. Players will need to move to another platform to avoid being damaged.

The trick to defeating Stormterror is to deal damage whenever possible. Ranged combatants will be able to attack the boss whenever they wish, but melee fighters will have to wait for specific openings. Whenever he tries to bite or blow fire, there will be a few precious seconds where Stormterror is incapable of moving. Players can use this as an opportunity to dish out damage and set him up for elemental reactions. The best bet is to use Cryo to freeze him and then launch a volley of either fire or electric arrows to deplete his shield.

Once Stormterror\’s shield drops, a weak point will appear behind his head. Players will then have several options for dealing damage against him. They can either fire at the spot from afar with their bow, or use wind currents to climb on his back and attack with a sword. Either way players should try to deal as much damage as they possibly can before he goes back to attacking.

After dealing damage to the weak point, he will eventually fly away and regenerate his shield. Players will then just need to keep bringing down his shield and attacking that weak point in order to bring him down. Make sure to avoid the Ultimate attack whenever possible and continue hitting him as hard as possible, and he eventually goes down.