Genshin Impact has a wide array of quests that range from easy and intuitive to difficult and confusing. The massive open-world of Genshin Impact includes a small, simple quest that some might need a few tips to get through. This quest is called Margaret\’s Longing.

The city of Mondstadt is huge, with several NPCs that players can chat with, buy things from, or grab quests from. Some of these quests are only available while Jean is sick from overworking. The player-chosen twin Traveler in Genshin Impact decides to help fill in, taking up Jean\’s job of helping out the citizens of the city. One of these people who needs help is Margaret.

Margaret needs help finding her black cat, Prince, who has run off and is hiding somewhere in the city. Venti is upset because the cat has stolen the Anemo-infused astral iron strings needed for his lyre. Both Venti and Margaret ask the Traveler to find that cat, and Margaret gives the players fish to help in their search.

How to Catch Prince

Using Elemental Sight, the Traveler should be able to sense the wind power infused in the lyre strings that the \”Prince Rascal of Mondstadt\” has stolen. This will give players an idea of which direction to head first. Once the black cat is in view, there are several ways Genshin Impact players can approach him.

First, they can use speed to catch him. Using the fastest movement in Genshin Impact, the bunny-hop, players can try to nab him using the interact button as soon as they are close. If this fails, players can also try to lure the cat in with the fish that Margaret gave them before snatching him up. A third way is to try to sneak up on the cat by walking slowly, then freezing in place when the cat turns to face the Traveler.

If players miss the cat and he runs off, use Elemental Sight again to pick up his trail and keep trying.


Once players have caught the mischievous cat and brought him and the strings back, Margaret will reward the Traveler with 18,000 Mora, one of Genshin Impact\’s in-game currencies, 300 Adventure Points, two Hero\’s Wit, and four Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Although not one of the fastest ways of boosting Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, the quest reward should be worth the few minutes it will take to nab that furry thief and bring him back to his mom.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, and PS4.