Genshin Impact has less than a month of official release time under its belt, but its fanbase is quickly becoming acquainted with Teyvat, the game\’s massive terrain. Once players make their way down southwest, they\’ll eventually discover Liyue, and the quests and treasures it hides.

\”Treasure Lost, Treasure Found\” is one of the quests that can be undertaken in the Liyue region, and although it\’s rather straightforward to complete, geographical familiarity makes it much less time-consuming. Genshin Impact boasts a rather impressive map, so a quest that tasks players with identifying a location is inherently daunting.

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Literally speaking, treasure lost in Genshin Impact is often relocated, thanks to the game\’s chest respawn system. That said, the treasure in this case involves a collection of ancient ruins, stone tablets, and jade plates. Players should have initiated Treasure Lost, Treasure Found by interacting with the NPC Soraya, who can be found in Guili Plains, in the main portion of the Guili Assembly (the collection of square buildings just south of the \”Guili Plains\” text displayed below.) The quest will proceed to effectively take players on a tour of the area, starting with the inner assembly surrounding Soraya, and leading out to the farthest corners of the Guili Plains.

Once players activate the second part of the quest by collecting stone tablets, Soraya will relocate to the Wangshu Inn. Players will have to talk to her again, then seek out four jade plates (that are found at the far corners of the area.) After finding the jade plates and interacting with Soraya again, explorers will have to locate the \”final ruin.\” First, be sure to brush up on Genshin Impact weapons knowledge – a boss fight awaits. That said, the location in question is the large circular structure just north of the main Guili Assembly on the map (highlighted in the picture above); it also stands out as the direct center of the area bordered by the four jade plates\’ locations.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile, PC, and PS4.