Genshin Impact is on the verge of its first big update. Update 1.1 is slated for November 11th, and will bring some new 5-star characters to Genshin Impact. In order to have to biggest possible chance at nabbing these 5-stars for themselves, players need to save up all the possible Primogems as they can. Lucky for players, there\’s a fast way to get 245 free Primogems in the game, for free.

The Achievement System

While players are out and about in the world, farming needed materials for Genshin Impact\’s update 1.1, they can also fulfill the requirements for the some of the game\’s achievements. For every one completed, players will get either 5, 10, or 20 of the premium currency needed to make wishes and roll for 5-star weapons and characters. Players should check to see which ones are close to completion and try and finish them out to grab some Primogems.

Elemental Specialist Achievements

The Elemental Specialist Achievements are part of the overall achievement system that can be found in the menu. It includes several challenges that encompasses each of the elements. Having at least one character with each element in a party is important to make sure that players always have the correct element to counter each Genshin Impact boss, so players should already have all the characters and party makeup they need to complete these.

There are seven Elemental Specialist achievements, and each have several levels that grant the player additional Genshin Impact Primogems. They are:

  • Cool It! – Keep an enemy Frozen for over 10s.
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire – Trigger Cryo, Hydro, Pyro, and Electro Swirl Reactions at least once each within 2s.
  • Season\’s Greeting – Freeze 4 enemies within 2s.
  • Performance May Decline in Low Temperatures – Defeat 4 enemies with Superconduct within 2s.
  • The Art of War – Defeat 4 enemies with Overloaded within 2s.
  • How Heartwarming – Defeat 4 enemies with Melt within 2s.
  • A Little Less Shocking Than Love at First Sight – Defeat 4 enemies with Electro-Charged within 2s.

Every single level of all the Elemental Achievements can be completed in just about a half an hour. Reddit user u/nxscythelynz shows how it can be done, and they do it with basic characters and locations that are also easy to get to. On top of the free gems that can be received from free Primogem codes, players should have a nice stash ready for 1.1

Get Those Gems

Players will want to finish this as soon as possible; changes are coming with the November update that they will want the Primogems for. Also, there may be more than map changes coming with the next Genshin Impact updates; the achievement system may have some changes coming as well.

So for those who are hoping to grab the new 5-star characters during Childe and Zhongli\’s banners, these 240+ Primogems will go a long way to helping out.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, and PS4.