Genshin Impact players are currently in the midst of their first major official in-game event, Unreconciled Stars. The three phase event finally arrived at its third and final stage on November 23rd, finally allowing players to begin assembling the pieces required to unlock a free copy of popular character Fischl.

The Unreconciled Stars event kicked off on November 16th, and hastily entered its second phase, Star of Deceitful Dreams, on November 18th. While both of these phases invited Genshin Impact players to collect Fading Star\’s Might by scouting out meteorite impact sites, neither of them offered ways to fully complete the event\’s special, more passive, component: Prinzessin\’s Pact.

Travelers who\’ve already encountered the fantastical alleged royal, Fischl, are well aware of her rather surreal personality. Always accompanied by her talking Electro night raven familiar, Oz, the eccentric princess is generally eager to remind players that she is both the \”Prinzessin der Verurteilung,\” and the Sovereign of Immernachtreich, an \”otherworld\” from which she was apparently exiled. She now works as an investigator for the Mondstadt Adventurers\’ Guild, and as of the Unreconciled Stars event, can be earned without Wishing by completing the special Prinzessin\’s Pact.

Prinzessin\’s Pact is one of the many elements the Unreconciled Stars event is composed of, and players simply need to work their way through three achievements to complete it. Although the Pact doesn\’t gift free Primogems or Wishes, it does grant all players one free, relatively easy-to-obtain, copy of Fischl, an incredibly popular offense-heavy character.

Prinzessin\’s Pact automatically registers as fulfilled once its three challenges are completed, so players should simply head to the Pact\’s Event tab once they\’re ready for Fischl. Travelers can find the Prinzessin\’s Pact Event menu by clicking on the small icon, shaped like Fischl\’s head, found at the bottom-right corner of the Unreconciled Stars Event main menu. The three parts of the Prinzessin\’s Pact are as follows:

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.