Players working their way through the Genshin Impact story will find themselves periodically refining and enhancing their weapons and characters. One of the many ways to boost a character\’s stats is with various Artifact sets, like the Gladiator\’s Finale.

Genshin Impact gives players unique bonuses for collecting Artifacts. When the pieces are equipped in sets of two and four, the Artifact grants additional bonuses to its wielder. The Gladiator\’s Finale set is drawing attention for being an indispensable add-on to damage-heavy physical characters, like Beidou, Diluc, and Razor.

Artifact sets in Genshin Impact are broken up into the following five pieces of equipment: 1 Flower of Life (a brooch), 1 Plume of Death (a feather), 1 Sands of Eon (an hourglass), 1 Goblet of Enotherm (a goblet), and 1 Circlet of Logos (a helmet/circlet). Gladiator\’s Finale consists of the following five artifacts:

  1. Flower – Gladiator\’s Nostalgia
  2. Plume – Gladiator\’s Destiny
  3. Sands – Gladiator\’s Longing
  4. Goblet – Gladiator\’s Intoxication
  5. Circlet – Gladiator\’s Triumphus

The Artifacts each offer distinct base stat bonuses, but when equipped in pairs, they offer extra-powerful boosts. The 2-piece bonus for Gladiator\’s Finale is a hefty 18 percent ATK boost, while the 4-piece bonus additionally increases Normal Attack DMG by 35 percent, if the wielder uses a sword, claymore, or polearm.

Of course, all five pieces of the set aren\’t necessary for a bonus, but having a decent number of options to choose from allows for easier coordination with other Artifacts. Nonetheless, players in search of the Gladiator\’s Finale set will be thankful that it can be obtained via regular gameplay, so no Wishes are required for this rare equipment.

Gladiator\’s Finale drops exclusively from Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses beginning at World Level 2. That said, players hoping to land optimal 5-star versions of the Artifacts will have to begin their searches at World Level 3. Fortunately, the Gladiator\’s set drops from every Elite and Weekly Boss currently in the game.

Weekly Bosses

  • Andrius – encountered at Wolvendom
  • Dvalin – encountered at Stormterror\’s Lair

For reference, hypostases are the large element-wielding cubes found throughout Teyvat, whereas Regisvines are the large elemental flytrap-looking creatures. An Oceanid resembles a sort of flying squid-spirit, and Dvalin and Andrius are a giant dragon and wolf, respectively. More than anything, dedicated fans are highly recommending players hunt down Anemo Hypostases, simply because their reward pool is more limited, which makes Gladiator\’s Finale set pieces more likely to drop. Players struggling to find the Artifacts may also want to consider leveling up though, as reward value increases dramatically along with Adventure Rank.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.