The Big Business world quest in Genshin Impact may seem simple, but finding the invoices can be tricky because one of them is hidden in a place many gamers may not expect. This article will explain where to find the three invoices for the Big Business Liyue quest.

As an open-world action-adventure game, Genshin Impact has plenty of side quests to discover within its world. After reaching Liyue, one of the two currently introduced regions of Teyvat, one of these quests is Big Business. After reaching Landa on the top floor of Wangshu Inn, he will tell the player character that he\’s lost a set of invoices by fleeing for his life from monsters on his route delivering them. The player must go hunt them down for him and return them, but they\’re scattered around Dihua Marsh and Stone Gate.

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Genshin Impact players can find the invoices in whatever order they choose, but the first is located on the island just west of Dihua Marsh. To get across the water, the player may want to use a Cryo character such as Kaeya to freeze the surface and avoid drowning. Once there, head towards the center of this island near a large stone arch. Next to a chest locked by three torches to be lit by Pyro is a cave. Head inside and defeat the enemies to reach the glowing yellow light in the back and obtain the first missing invoice.

Navigate to the eastern island of Dihua Marsh to find the next invoice. If Genshin Impact players have discovered it, there\’s a Statue of the Seven that will quickly teleport them to Bishui Plain where the next invoice is located nearby. After teleporting to the statue, head southwest towards the small house with straw roofing. The glowing yellow light symbolizing the invoice will be found behind the house near the docks.

The final invoice is the trickiest to find as well as the farthest away in Stone Gate northeast of the last invoice location. The quickest way to get there is to teleport to the Waypoint if Genshin Impact players have discovered it. It\’s northwest of the final invoice\’s location in Bishui Plain, Liyue. The invoice is located on the top of the cliffside, so some climbing will likely be necessary.

Genshin Impact is out now for mobile devices, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version also in development.