The landscapes of Teyvat hide scores of creatures, treasures, and details, all for Genshin Impact Travelers to uncover. Players on the hunt for the game\’s shifty treasure chests may have stumbled upon some seemingly inaccessible loot, but one devoted fan has shared their underwater treasure-hunting secret.

Although a lot of the hidden treasure in Genshin Impact appears upon the player meeting certain conditions (such as defeating a boss enemy or clearing some debris with Pyro magic), those unsaid conditions are oftentimes obvious. That being said, many important-seeming objects are often out of reach, as seen in the case of underwater treasure.

Travelers have a solid degree of mobility in Genshin Impact, all things considered. Players can make their character dash, sprint, jump, glide, swim, and swim faster, among other things. Advanced movement techniques like \”bunny hopping\” even exist, but the characters of Teyvat have yet to master basic diving. Players are only able to swim across the surface of water in Genshin Impact (until their stamina is depleted).

So, players who may have stumbled upon an underwater Pyro beacon, for example, may have dismissed it as a cosmetic feature or a background detail. These \”beacons\” are simple statues that a player normally strikes with a particular kind of Elemental Damage to activate. Upon proper Elemental trigger, the statues usually generate a treasure chest, if not some other sort of reward.

It turns out, players can use a combination of abilities to attack such underwater beacons, and ultimately earn an underwater treasure chest. As Redditor u/nxscythelynz highlights in their video, Amber and Kaeya can be deployed to retrieve sunken treasure, like the one found off the eastern coast of the Guili Plains.

In short, Amber\’s Pyro triggers the statue, but Kaeya makes it possible. Even though Amber\’s bunny bombs sink when placed in water, players cannot activate Elemental Skills or Bursts while swimming. So if a target happens to be far offshore, players can use Kaeya\’s Cryo powers (or any similar Cryo Elemental abilities) to create a bridge to the target.

Once directly overhead, just switch to Amber and toss a bunny bomb down to the beacon. This fire and ice duo isn\’t like other Genshin skill combos that help deal damage, but certainly helps with deep-sea expeditions. Players will have to wait for their sunken bunny bomb to explode naturally, but once it does the Pyro Element will trigger any nearby statue and generate a unique treasure chest.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.