Vermeer\’s Paintbrush is used to complete a side quest in Genshin Impact. This guide will help players with locating the paintbrush in the game. Genshin Impact continues to be one of the biggest games out right now. A free-to-play Chinese title released all around the world and had generated over $100 million dollars within the first two weeks of its release. Not only that, but the game is going to release new content every few weeks to keep players invested in the world. The game contains a massive open world with fun and likable characters to complete tasks for. Vermeer\’s Paintbrush is an item that is required to complete one of the side quests in the game. This guide will help players locate it.

Genshin Impact throws the players into a world where their twin sibling has been kidnapped. As of right now, only the prologue to the story is available, introducing the player to the main cast of colorful characters available. Players will spend the majority of their time exploring the open world, collecting materials for stronger weapons, and defeating enemies to level up. Online multiplayer is also available, allowing players to enter another player\’s world and go on quests with them. The Luhua Landscape side quest allows players to work together to find Vermeer\’s Paintbrush. Here\’s where players can find it.

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Make sure to have an Earth-based character before starting this task. To begin the Luhua Landscape quest, head over to Luhua Pool and speak to Vermeer. It will require the player to find both the paintbrushes and paints. Here\’s where players can find it.

  • Paint #1: Located slightly above the second \”O\” at Luhua Pool next to some ruins. Players will be able to find the brush hidden behind an observation area overviewing the lake. It will be a gold sparkle on the ground.
  • Paint #2: Located near the warp stone to the left of the \”Luhua Pool\” text on the map. There will be another observation area with a bush nearby. The bush contains the second paint.

Now return back to Vermeer and he will give the player another task to collect stones. He will give a general area where players can find them. Go there and collect these stones. The player may need to defeat nearby enemies for the stones to appear. Return to the quest giver and there will two large statues of soldiers that players can climb. The player will need to insert the stones into the statues head. A switch will appear, interact with it using Earth magic to trigger a fight. Defeat these enemies within 90 seconds to unlock the door and find the treasure inside. This will complete the quest and the player will receive bonuses for it.