There are around two dozen characters currently in Genshin Impact. The free-to-play RPG has taken the world by storm since it released for mobile, PC, and PS4, and many players want to get all the characters in the game. While most of the characters are obtained through gacha pulls, a handful are given to players through the main story quests. However, Xiangling can be acquired using a completely different (and, thankfully, free) method.

Frequently placed near the top of players\’ character tier lists, Genshin Impact\’s Xiangling uses the Pyro (fire) element and wields a polearm. She also has a fire-breathing panda named Guoba, which she can summon to damage enemies. Additionally, her Elemental Burst is Pyronado, a cyclone of fire that can defeat foes in seconds. She\’s a great fighter and a great cook, which is probably why so many people want her in their Genshin Impact parties.