The free-to-play RPG Genshin Impact features many hidden quests within its vast open world. While most of these quests reward players with loot like Primogems and Mora, there are others that come with the added benefit of enhancing the world. One such example is the quest to repair Wangshu Inn’s elaborate staircase.

The mystery around repairing Wangshu Inn\’s bridge and staircase is an odd one, as unlike questlines such as unlocking the Tri Seal at the Sword Cemetery in Dadaupa Gorge, the repair will not show up as a World Quest. Rather, this repair is done through an Adventurer\’s Guild commission. Moreover, it\’s not a single commission but a series of two commissions that will occur at random once players have unlocked Liyue.

With the repair being done through two commissions that are randomly assigned to Genshin Impact players, it currently isn\’t possible to fix the stairs in one sitting. Thankfully, these commissions are easily completed once received. Players will simply need to travel to Wangshu Inn and speak to the innkeeper, Huai\’an.

He will explain that he has bought wooden planks to repair the staircase, but they\’re stuck at the base of the inn. Players will need to descend and retrieve five wooden planks for the innkeeper, which he uses to repair half of the broken steps. This will complete the daily commission, and players will need to wait for the next part of the questline to appear in their log on a random day. Once the second commission is complete, the stairs will be fully fixed and will give players the \”Level Up\” achievement, including five Primogems for their efforts.

Some players will likely be disappointed to find out that they can\’t complete these repairs in one go. It\’s not exactly clear why miHoYo would require multiple days to complete this commission. While the logic might make sense if the developer included a mechanic where Genshin Impact players could use a microtransaction to refresh daily commissions early, that simply isn\’t the case. In Genshin Impact, commissions refresh based on the real-world time.

Developer miHoYo recently outlined its plans for future updates through a Genshin Impact roadmap. This roadmap detailed updates 1.1 through 1.3, including many new events and regions. While the roadmap doesn\’t specify new commissions that will be available with these updates, many players are likely hoping that none of these commissions will take multiple real-world days like the repairs at Wangshu Inn.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4.