Genshin Impact bears an impressive array of unique monsters for players to challenge on their adventures. From regular grunts, to Elite or Weekly bosses, Teyvat seems to have an expansive list of creatures guarding its nooks and crannies, and some of them, like the Whopperflower, love to play hide and seek.

Whopperflowers are one of the more common bosses found in Genshin Impact, and they have a habit of hiding from players. In fact, most Travelers realize they\’ve encountered a Whopperflower when they find themselves recovering from a surprise explosion (or in other words: when it\’s too late).

Fortunately, like most powerful entities in Genshin ImpactWhopperflowers feature a hint at their true identities. Travelers can currently encounter Pyro and Cryo Whopperflowers in Teyvat, both of which are classified as Normal (rather than Elite, for example) Bosses. They bear the resemblance of a goofy pipeless Piranha Plant, or the amicable Palmon, for Digimon aficionados, and they deal Elemental Damage as per their names.

Pyro Whopperflowers cause explosions like the mischievous Klee, and Cryo Whopperflowers will rapidly freeze their surroundings when threatened. The plant-like creatures generally live underground, and present as herbs like mint when seen from above ground. So, players might find themselves accidentally disturbing one while collecting ingredients, or simply walking through grass, for example.

As a dedicated Redditor has pointed out, a player can identify these \”imposter plants\” by taking advantage of their Elemental Vision, or, by simply trying to have a conversation. Whereas regular herbs aren\’t highlighted by Elemental Vision, a Whopperflower will be. So players who see a glowing bunch of mint while foraging should beware: that is a Whopperflower. Likewise, if a player approaches mint, for example, and is given the option of speaking to the mint, beware: that is a Whopperflower.

Once plucked, these temperamental beasts begin to defend themselves, more than anything. While they have the ability perform both short and long range attacks, the plants actually rely on continued defense and deception more than anything. The pesky flowers can actually teleport away from players, and will consume the crystals floating around them to generate powerful elemental shields for themselves. That said, they shouldn\’t pose a huge threat, especially for Travelers who take advantage of Elemental weaknesses.

It also goes without saying that Whopperflowers are only one of the myriad beings that can be identified or located with assistance from Elemental Vision. It may seem tedious, but taking a quick look around in Elemental Vision can help players find those weird green Seelie ghosts or even reveal destructible debris. If Travelers plan on completing all achievements, they\’ll want to start making a habit of this feature sooner rather than later.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.