Genshin Impact is an open world Action RPG that takes the \”open world\” aspect quite seriously. The only time players will encounter any load times will be entering Dungeons or fast traveling; and even then, they\’re quite short. Characters fall into elemental categories, each employing a unique style in manipulating that element during a fight. From status buffs, heals, to straight firepower, players can customize and create their ideal team while exploring the world. Each character has a special constellation belonging only to them that increases their overall effectiveness. This guide will explain constellations in detail, and how to level them up.

Constellations are basically buffs that improve a character\’s overall performance in battle. Each buff is tailored to a specific talent belonging to that character. While Talents are just a fancy word for \”moves\”, not every talent is available from the beginning. Each character technically has a modest number of two moves, if we\’re not counting the Hold Button version of the basic attack. Archers are exempt from this rule since aiming down sights and firing arrows count as another talent. Amber is the first archer players receive in-game and she does not have a Hold basic attack, so the aim down sights might be what takes its place.

Leveling up Constellations in Genshin Impact

As mentioned before, Constellations are buffs to the character that are acquired over time to reach their full potential. For characters other than the traveler, the only way to level up their constellations is to obtain Stella Fortuna\’s. A Stella Fortuna is an item players receive after acquiring a duplicate of a character they already possess. For some, this can be considered quite a headache since getting new characters is 99% apart of the games monetization system. But for other players, this is cherished as an end game feature so some find this a completely reasonable process. After all, Gacha currency (Intertwined & Acquaint Fate) can be purchased using Priomgems, and these are earned in-game constantly. Remember, Stella Fortuna\’s are unique to each character so only a dupe of the same character will provide Stella Fortuna to level them up.

The traveler, however, uses a \”Memory\” item. Another unique aspect of the traveler is his/her ability to swap elements. Swapping elements means swapping constellations and thus another \”Memory\” item to collect. For the Ameno constellation, the item is called \”Memory of Roving Gales\”. In Liyue, after swapping to the Geo element, the item required for leveling the constellation is called the \”Memory of Immovable Crystals\”. These items are awarded as the story progresses, but if players are in a rush they can be purchased. Grind out Ameno and Geo sigils in order to purchase these memory items from the souvenir shop.