In Genshin Impact, players have to keep track of lots of different kinds of currency and levels. Characters, weapons, artifacts, talents and adventure rank are all leveled up in different ways and require different types of experience. Though all of these are important, one of the most crucial of these is adventure rank, as increasing it unlocks many features.

There are certain aspects of Genshin Impact that players simply won\’t be able to take part in unless they raise their adventure rank high enough. This includes things ranging from the co-op system to sending out characters on expeditions. Regardless of priority or playstyle, adventure rank is incredibly important.

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Even so, it isn\’t entirely clear what the best way to grind adventure rank experience is. Nearly every action in the game provides players with at least a little adventure rank experience, but there are some that are much more lucrative than others. Players wanting to get on the fast track should focus on these activities.


For starters, one of the best way to get adventure rank experience is to simply play through the story. This will not only help level the player up but also unlock new areas and characters for the player to use. At certain points in the story, the player\’s progress will be blocked until reaching a higher adventure rank, and once at those points there are other things that can help reach those thresholds. Opening teleport waypoints, for example, rewards 50 adventure rank experience. It\’s not a lot, but having these open is useful anyway.

The most efficient way to get adventure rank experience is easily by completing daily commissions, available once the player hits rank 12. There are four commissions each day, and completing them all provides an extra bonus 500 adventure rank experience. Beyond this, players should explore the world, collecting anemoculus and geoculus on the way. Offering these to statues of the seven provides a lot of adventure rank experience, and other things like completing dungeons and challenges also help with this endeavor.

Perhaps the most important thing for players to keep in mind when grinding adventure rank experience is to never let their Original Resin be capped out. Players need to spend Original Resin on activities to get adventure rank experience, so letting it sit full is a waste of resources. Ley Line Blossoms are a great way to spend Original Resin that also provides a good deal of adventure rank experience and other rewards as well, so these will likely be the player\’s bread and butter.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.