Genshin Impact has been taking the PS4 and mobile worlds by storm since dropping into app stores as a free-to-play alternative to Nintendo\’s Breath of the Wild. Much like its muse Zelda, miHoYo\’s newest game offers players a vast amount of stories and sidequests to explore, some almost unfairly elaborate.

Those who\’ve spent some time with Genshin Impact may\’ve already heard whispers of this notorious quest, but either way, there\’s no shame in needing a bit of guidance. \”Time and the Wind\” can be accepted as a quest on an unmarked island, and offers players several rewards (including 60 Primogems and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores) upon completion.

First and foremost, adventurers should be aware that this sidequest is intended for upper-level players. Level 40 characters are recommended as a minimum. Bearing that in mind, players should head over to Starsnatch Cliff when ready to undertake this mission. To start \”Time and the Wind,\” players will need to find and read a \”Ragged Notebook\” found on an uninhabited nameless island, directly east of Stormbearer Point/Starsnatch Cliff.

Avid runners can opt for Kaeya\’s (or any Cryo user\’s) abilities and simply walk across the water to reach the island, but otherwise, players should stock up on stamina-replenishing treats and head for the top of Starsnatch Cliff. Once there, simply glide due east. Amber and/or Venti\’s passive gliding stamina bonuses are highly recommended.

Once on the Nameless Island, players should destroy a boulder found on its southern end. A Ragged Notebook will appear, and players can read it to begin the quest. The cryptic journal asks readers to \”observe the shadow on the sundial,\” which has understandably left many players confused.

To observe the so-called shadow, players should head to the stone circle on the unmarked island at 2AM – 5AM, in-game time. Once there, players should use Elemental Sight to discover a trail that leads them to a cluster of \”wind\” on the northern coast of the isle. The cluster will disperse when hit by an Anemo skill, prompting players to hunt down three new bits of \”wind\” (aka green little magic orbs) and disperse them with Anemo. These new wind clusters will be found at the following sites:

They will find the NPC\’s notebook in the nearby camp, and should read it to trigger the \”sundial shadow\” sequence once again. This time, players will be able to defeat the Eye of the Storm and finish Time and the Wind.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.