It\’s hard to believe that anyone could have predicted how popular the new RPG action game Genshin Impact has become over the last week. Players all around the world have jumped into this massive exploration-based RPG, despite many gamers\’ issue with its Gacha mechanics. Either way, players have been able to check out many different quests, several new characters, and even obtain loads of items and weapons. It is a little crazy how much there is to do in Genshin Impact.

While the storyline is very interesting, it is just as much fun to check out some of the side content available in Genshin Impact. One of the more difficult and interesting quests for players to complete is the Nine Pillars of Peace quest. This tasks players with opening these pillars up using nine special items called the Stones of Remembrance. Obtaining these stones and making it to the pillars is a very difficult quest though. This guide shows players how to open the Nine Pillars of Peace.