Genshin Impact players have a lot to look forward to on November 11th, 2020. The new update 1.1 drops then, bringing along with it a wave of new content. Genshin Impact\’s 1.1 update includes new characters and fixes. And players can spend the next couple of days getting ready for everything new on the way.

New Content Incoming

The November update, called A New Star Approaches, is designed to get players ready for the next update on the Genshin Impact roadmap, coming around Christmas. miHoYo hasn\’t yet released any information on the updating process, so players will most likely end up with some down time during the actual patch on the 11th. The time of day for the November release also isn\’t known, but players should a few days of uninterrupted play time before the patch drops.

This update will focus more on smoothing out the current state of play and will add a couple of characters. Mostly, players can expect some fantastic quality of life updates in Genshin Impact this week, but that doesn\’t mean there\’s nothing to prepare for.

New 5-Star Characters

If players are hoping to get Zhongli (Geo) and Tartaglia Childe (Hydro), the new 5-Star characters in Genshin Impact, they\’ll need some event fates or wishes. Players have most likely already leveled up their Adventure rank, and used the rolls gained on them for the older 5-star characters. Players can also spend real money to roll for 5-star characters and weapons in Genshin Impact.

MiHoYo has confirmed that the 90-roll limit system will roll over with the new banners with the 1.1 update, so players can expect at least on 5-star for every 90 total rolls because of the \’pity system\’ in Genshin Impact. So players should hold onto the premium currencies that they currently have, as a new banner will be starting with the update 1.1\’s release, giving players a chance at the update\’s new 5-star characters and weapons.

Save Those Quests

Genshin Impact\’s upcoming update is adding a new reputation system. Liyue and Mondstadt will have levels of reputation for exploring, side quests, and a new system for bounties and requests. If players have any unfinished side quests in these two areas, they may want to leave them for the future to help to level their reputation as quickly as possible. High reputation levels will give players materials and recipes for new cosmetic items.

Players will have to clean the Genshin Impact Statues of the Seven if they haven\’t already to upgrade them at all, so make sure to bring a hydro or wind-type character along for the ride.

Use All Resin, Farm Crystal Cores

While the new update 1.1 patch will bring a system that will allow players to save Resin, it\’s not currently in place. Use the resin up for now, and get ready for the resin upgrades in 1.1 by farming the materials that will allow players to store it. Players will need to farm Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact, The Crystal Cores will be a core part of the recipe to make Condensed Resin, an item that won\’t disappear like resin does during resets.

Crystal Cores can be farmed from Crystalfly, which are gold bugs that are found near waypoints in Liyue, and Geo Crystalfly, from Mondstadt\’s surrounding areas. Genshin Impact players will want to farm these bugs as much as possible before the update and stock up on this difficult-to-find material.

Level A Variety of Characters

While everyone has a favorite Genshin Impact character on their tier list, players should still level those other characters too. Players will want a great variety of all of the elements to make sure that they will have every possible elemental combination to be the best they can be against new creatures and bosses that may appear at the soon-to-be-finished end of Chapter 1.

Players will want a good spread of every elemental combination, of Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Lightning), Dendro (Nature), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire), and Cryo (Frost). This will maximize their ability to build the best possible parties to balance against the element of the creatures they are battling.

Finish All Achievements

Players will have a lot of cool new weapons and characters to roll for in the new update, so they may want to get their hands on some Primogems. They can be used for Wishes, refill resin, and buy Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate in Paimon\’s Bargains. So all these will be incredibly helpful after the update drops on the 11th.

In order to have as many free Primogems as possible, players should complete the Achievements menu. There are a total of 245 Primogems to be had completing this massive list of achievements. It might seem daunting, but players have probably already gotten some of these without even trying. If any are left undone, however, players should get them done to save up that premium currency for 1.1. Hopefully, updates in the future will also continue to add more of these types of achievements in the future.

Players can also get Primogems by using some of the free Genshin Impact Primogem Codes that come out regularly, so make sure to keep an eye out for more of those as well.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unknowns about the update 1.1. So there may be some other things players can do to get ready for the update that no one knows yet. The best thing that players can do is to play the game, collect materials, get that Adventurer Rank up, and level as many characters as possible.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile, PC, and PS4.