Fans of Genshin Impact have been enjoying the game\’s recent major update, which included not only new characters and permanent features, but also special limited time events. The Unreconciled Stars event has been underway since the release of Version 1.1, but its second phase only just hit the game.

Travelers were asked to help collect meteorite shards across Teyvat as part of the first phase of Unreconciled Stars, but as of today, Genshin Impact players can also start helping the astronomer, Mona, locate and salvage larger chunks of meteorite. While Phase 2 of Unreconciled Stars includes many components, one of the major features is salvaging these meteors.

Unreconciled Stars asked players to track down fallen meteorite shards across varying parts of Tevyat. Day one presented players with three different meteor impact sites, while the second day brought forth another wave of meteors, giving players a total of six impact sites to scour. Travelers also had a handful of quests and challenges to complete while collecting Meteorite Shards, but Phase 2 of the event brings in an all new sort of interaction: salvaging Meteorite Remains.

Though Unreconciled Stars also promises to let players take advantage of new Genshin Impact characters like Tartaglia and Diona by offering them buffs during later parts of the event, players for now are simply focused on two things: collecting Meteorite Shards, and salvaging the newly fallen Meteorite Remains. To salvage Meteorite Remains, players will have to track down the fallen space-rocks and interact with them, triggering a timer and a series of waves of enemies. In short, players must simply defeat a certain amount of enemies within the allotted time to properly salvage the Meteorite Remains.

Players can simply look around the map for Meteorite Remains, but Hydro mage Mona is also available for assistance throughout the duration of Unreconciled Stars (that is, until November 30th, 2020). She will allow players to see where Meteorite Remains can be found, which certainly makes the tracking process simple. Once the challenge begins, players should be sure to stay within range of the Remains, or they risk losing. The Meteorite Remains also discharge a particular kind of Elemental Energy, which can be nullified if countered by a complementary Elemental attack from the player.

Even though Meteorite Shards are simply picked up in exchange for Fading Star\’s Might, at a 1:1 ratio, Meteorite Remains are easily worth the additional challenge (and cost). Although Travelers will have to use Original Resin to claim rewards from salvaged Meteorite Remains, they will receive a large number of Fading Star\’s Might in return, instead of just one. Moreover, they will receive a bundle of Adventure and Companionship EXP. Players should also note that they\’re able to take on Meteorite Remain challenges at varying levels, and that of course, the rewards scale with the difficulty.

Travelers should also be aware of the fact that \”salvaging Meteorite Remains\” does not equate to \”paying Original Resin after completion to claim the rewards.\” Like in any quests involving \”defeating a Domain\” or Elite Boss, players are only required to complete the Meteorite Remains challenge. Whether or not they claim the subsequent rewards is irrelevant to the Achievement or Challenge registering as complete.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.