There are plenty of side quests in Genshin Impact that are scattered all over the world of Treyvat. Some can be as simple as taking out a group of enemies, while others have multiple parts and can take some time to complete. The Chi of Guyun sidequest is one that not only requires the player to complete multiple steps but also houses a couple of challenging puzzles.

The Chi of Guyun is a quest in which the player hunts for mysterious stones in order to discover the secrets hidden within Mt. Qingce. To start one of Genshin Impact\’s most puzzling quests, players will need to head to ruins in the Bishui Plains of Mondstadt. A young hooded girl name Yan\’er will tell players of a Ruin Hunter guarding a stone of ancient text. After the quest begins, players will fight the weak mini-boss before having to locate various mysterious stones. Interacting with these stones is a recurring action throughout the quest. The stones are actually small dragon statues holding glowing rocks which make them hard to miss.

Solving Genshin Impact\’s Chi of Guyun Puzzle

The first few steps of The Chi of Guyun quest are self-explanatory and don\’t need much of an explanation. Players will need to head to the locations marked on their maps and complete simple puzzles by activating statues in a simple order. However, the puzzle on top of the mountain in Qingce Village can prove to be quite challenging. Players will need to activate the statues in order depending on which Treyvat landmark they are facing. For players who aren\’t familiar with the map, this can be quite challenging. The photos below show in order the statues that need to be pressed.

Wind-swept Ruin (North-East)

Snow-capped Peak (South-East)

Adepti\’s Abode (South-West)

City of Liyue (South)

After activating the statues in the correct order, players will need to talk to Granny Ruoxin again, and she will direct the player to a waterfall with a hidden passageway. The passageway is hidden behind vines to the right of the waterfall\’s base. The photo below shows the exact location of the entrance.

Once inside, the player will need to defend a statue from three onslaughts of Ruin Guards and Ruin Hunters. The first wave will have one Ruin Guard, the second wave will have three Ruin Guards at once, and the final wave has a Ruin Hunter that is far more powerful than the one the player fought at the beginning of the quest. Once all of the enemies are defeated, head back to Granny Ruoxin in Qingce Village to complete the quest once and for all.