Puzzles and missions are standard in Genshin Impact, with Geo-puzzles adding a twist to the puzzle element. The rewards for getting the enigmas solved can be worthwhile with chests full of rare items available. The Geo-puzzle in Lingju Pass is exceptionally notable for being a multi-level puzzle requiring a lot of gliding and climbing to get it completed. The requirements for finishing the puzzle will need a few different characters with various elemental abilities as well.

The big rewards for finishing the Lingju Pass puzzle will be a hefty amount of Mora and some very useful Primogems. Primogems are incredibly valuable in Genshin Impact because collecting enough will give the ability to purchase Wishes when players don\’t have enough Intertwined Fates. Wishes can help buy various items such as equipment or characters, which can be used towards the different Geo-puzzles when needed. Players might not have the right characters for all the puzzles when they get to them, so getting Wishes and Primogems are going to be vital in their journeys.