There are many players currently exploring and interacting with the world of Genshin Impact. With how open the world is, there is a lot for players to explore. with their only limit being Genshin Impact\’s full map.

As players explore in Genshin Impact, they will often need to climb the various mountains and cliffs throughout the world. This will cost players stamina which can lead to some dangerous falls if players run out while climbing a high place.

While the stamina gauge\’s maximum size can be increased by gathering Amenoculus and Geoculus scattered throughout the map, there is another way to make climbing a lot easier. This can be done via an exploit recently discovered by players.

This exploit essentially allows players to sprint up mountains in order to climb without stamina. It should be noted that this exploit can only be done on mountains or cliffs with a tilt on them instead of ones that are purely vertical. This exploit additionally can be done with any character, so players don\’t need to worry about getting lucky in the game\’s gacha system.

The first step is for players to sprint until they completely run out of stamina. Once they\’re out of stamina, they will need to start bunny hopping. In order to perform a bunny hop, players must quickly press what serves as their jump button in their Genshin Impact control setup right before they hit the ground as quickly as possible.

After the player has begun bunny hopping, they will need to move forward as they are hopping. As they do this, they will need to approach the mountain or cliff they wish to climb with this exploit. If done successfully, the player should be climbing the mountain with their bunny hops. As the players is already out of stamina, it will not cost them any more to scale the mountain.

According to F1TR on YouTube who created the above video tutorial for this exploit, this may take some practice for players to get used to. It is also unknown when or if this exploit will be patched out of Genshin Impact, so players that want to try this should do so as soon as they can.

As this is an exploit, there is a possibility for this method to land players in locations they reasonably shouldn\’t be. For that reason, players should remain cautious while trying this exploit out and use fast travel from their maps if they accidentally get stuck in level geometry or get trapped out of bounds.

Genshin Impact is available now for Mobile, PC, and PS4. A Switch version is in development.