Gamers have been charting the Genshin Impact map for almost a month now, and as they search new corners, they discover new quests. Adventurers have been asking for help on a unique commission called \”Language Exchange\”, and considering the vague directions provided, it\’s no surprise few can readily provide answers.

Genshin Impact was clearly inspired by Nintendo\’s mega-hit, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and in true open-world RPG form, it hosts a near-endless number of quests, missions, and achievements to complete. Players can generally make use of the very handy in-game compass and map to navigate missions, but sometimes a simple waypoint just doesn\’t cut it.

The commission in question, Language Exchange, is initiated by talking to an NPC in Mondstadt\’s Windwail Highland. Her name is Ella Musk, but for those wondering, there\’s unfortunately no evidence of a connection to the inventor and Torbjorn fan Elon Musk. Once players talk to her, they will begin the Language Exchange quest, which ultimately leads to the Poetry Exchange quest, if players choose to go so far.

Language Exchange tasks players with successfully conducting cultural exchange with hilichurls (Genshin Impact\’s version of goblins, basically), and though the act itself is simple, the instructions aren\’t as clear they ought to be. To complete this quest, players will first have to approach a nearby hilichurl camp with Ella. Once there, she will point out that one of the hilichurls is awake. Players just have to approach that hilichurl, but they must do so without waking the others.

To avoid waking the peacefully resting hilichurl, players should avoid dashing, attacking, and other forms of quick or elaborate travel. Simply walk at neutral speed to the woken hilichurl, and talk to Ella Musk again. This will trigger a lighthearted exchange between Ella and the creature, leading to a moment of triumph: the hilichurl will gift Ella and the player 3 Suspicious Steaks.

Aside from the dubious meat, players will have completed the Language Exchange commision and earned the achievement \”…Odomu?\”, which comes with a bonus 5 Primogems. This coveted currency is essential for Wishes in Genshin Impact, which is key to unlocking new or better versions of the game\’s characters.

This quest has spurred numerous posts from gamers with a newfound appreciation and respect for the goblin doppelgangers, and as some Redditors have pointed out, there\’s no need to kill them all (at least for the purposes of this commission, anyways.)

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, and PS4.