Genshin Impact is full of various quests and challenges that players can complete in order to get adventure experience. Some of the main challenges that players can face are the various Abyssal Domains located throughout the world that serve as dungeons.

One of the Abyssal Domains that players can find in Genshin Impact is the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. It is located on top of Wuwang Hill in the nation of Liyue and rewards players with valuable artifacts upon its completion.

The Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula isn\’t a pushover to complete. In order to challenge it, players need to have an adventure rank of at least 30. Additionally, the recommended party level for this Abyssal Domain is 59 with an additional recommendation for a party member that uses the cryo element.

The first thing that players will need to do is to travel to the Abyssal Domain\’s location on top of Wuwang Hill in Liyue. The domain will initially be sealed with players not having any access to the inside. In order to unlock the dungeon, players will need a party member that can do a pyro element skill and a party member that can do a geo element skill. In this scenario, Amber and her fire arrows will be very useful.

Located all around Wuwang Hill are multiple torches that need to be lit with a pyro skill of any kind. This can be accomplished by Amber or any pyro element party member received through the gacha system. Including the ones by the sealed geo shrine, there are four torches in total. There are also sprits by the sealed shrine that will lead the player to the torches that need to be lit in order to unseal the shrine.

The first torch is located right next to the sealed geo shrine. The second torch is located inside a nearby barrier next to a rock jutting out of the ground. In order to get inside the stream to light the torch, players must climb up the rock, then jump off to glide past the barrier. Players can then light the torch, which will make the barrier disappear.

Torch number three is up the cliffs south of the sealed shrine inside an encampment of enemies. After dealing with them and opening the chest they are guarding, players can safely light the torch. The final torch can be found by following the blue spirit after lighting the encampment torch. It can be shot with one of Amber\’s arrows across a long distance or can be lit up close by travelling closer.

After all of the torches are lit, the last step is to use a geo element skill on the now unsealed shrine, which will unlock the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, and PS4, and later on Switch.