Genshin Impact has a quite a bit of content for a free-to-play adventure world. Some of the puzzles for quests are intricate and challenging. One of these challenging puzzles in the massive open-world of Genshin Impact is unlocking the secrets of Tianqiu Valley.

Tianqiu Valley

Tianqiu Valley is in the southwestern part of Genshin Impact\’s world of Teyvat. It is located west of Luhua Pool and southwest of the road leading to Jueyun Karst. Players will come across three towers in the area that are each a piece of the Tianqiu Valley. Each of these towers contains a puzzle that will give players the prisms needed to unlock the mystery. Players will need a variety of Genshin Impact characters for their party to be successful.

By the blue arrow on the Genshin Impact map, there are three towers clustered around a central point, and these will be the towers that players need to beat to unlock the Valley. There is no set order players need to complete these towers in.

Unlocking the Quest

In order to get things started, players first have to unlock the quest. Head to Tianqiu Valley and locate the center of the three towers. There will be a small statue surrounded by a platform with three holes in the floor. This is where the prisms will go once the puzzles are all completed. Right off of that platform will be a gravestone-looking tablet. Interact with it and whichever twin players chose in Genshin Impact will read the inscription. It reads:

\”At Tianqiu Valley the adepti\’s ancient trail grows cold. I fall down and weep at the ruins I see. Though defeated is might Azhdaha of old, there\’s no restoring this past land of beauty.\”

Players will then get the quest to \”Unlock the Secret of Tianqiu Valley.\” Similar to many of the other quests in the game, like the Quest to Break the Seal of Stormterror\’s Lair, players have to then complete three challenges.

The Northern Tower

The northern-most tower has a fire-lighting puzzle inside, which is yet another similarity between Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact. But the way it is completed is a little different. In order to complete this puzzle, players will need a Pyro in their party.

The second floor has the same type of torch puzzle, but these are in a star shape. Players need to light all of the torches without putting any of the others out, just like before. First light all the torches furthest left, then all furthest right, then all furthest back. After that, light all of the torches closest to the front. Light the torches from left to right, and until they are all lit, then unlock the treasure chest.

The third floor is much more difficult. The eight torches are on the wall, and are connected to each one next to it. Get only one torch lit, then hit the unlit one next to it. After that, hit both torches on the perpendicular wall to complete the puzzle. Grab this treasure chest. Make sure to grab the prism as well which will be on the pedestal in the back of the room, then head to the next tower.

The Western Tower

The tower to the west is filled with jumping puzzles, so the best character to use is the main character twin that the player chose in the beginning. If players visit the clean Seven Statue in Liyue, they can change their MC\’s element to Geo, which will be helpful for this platforming bit. Also, Venti could be used here, with his ability to use the wind to climb quickly.

Players need to race against the clock to make it to the top. There is a treasure chest along the way too, that players need to grab while they ascend. So with just 60 seconds, it may take a few tries to get to the top. There is no \”best way\” to get up there, but using the Traveler\’s Geo ability or Venti\’s wind ability will really help to speed things up.

The Southern Tower

Players will want to build their best possible Genshin Impact team for this puzzle. This fighting puzzle is very straightforward, but requires a little bit of speed, good combat, and powerful strategy to get it done.

The first requires players to beat several enemies in 40 seconds. The second requires players to defeat five enemies in 60 seconds. The third floor is another 60 seconds to kill five enemies. If properly leveled with a good, synchronized team, this section should be pretty easy. Grab the prism off of the pedestal and head back to the platform outside of the tower to finish up this quest. Once all three of the prisms are in place, a mass of enemies will spawn around the center platform, so be prepared to defend those prisms.

While not as difficult as the Nine Towers Quest in Genshin Impact, this quest can be a little unintuitive, even with a walkthrough. This video goes through all the step if players still need a little help, especially with those difficult torch puzzles:

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, and PS4.