Genshin Impact, the out of nowhere hit of 2020, is a free-to-play open world RPG available on mobile, PC, PS4, and eventually the Nintendo Switch. It\’s developed by the Chinese developer Mihoyo, who also created Honkai Impact 3rd. In Genshin Impact, gamers play as the Traveler who finds him or herself in the world of Teyvat, where they must meet the seven elemental gods in order to track down their long lost twin. Players must explore the land, solve puzzles, and fight monsters using a party of 4 characters who are acquired through \”gacha\” in-game purchases. While there is controversy with the in-game gambling mechanics, Genshin Impact remains wildly popular and accessible to anyone with a smartphone or computer.

Genshin Impact has cinematic, anime-esque scenes, and it\’s only the beginning of what seems to be a story-rich game. It\’s filled to the brim with lore, even giving every single weapon, artifact, and food item its own unique background. If that wasn\’t enough, players can read the dozens of books they find in the world that not only go into Teyvat\’s history, but also the folklore and customs of the lands. Better yet, the game is only just beginning as there are at least five more areas to be released over time, along with even more characters and weapons. It\’s clear Genshin Impact\’s writers are hard at work creating a world for players to fall in love with. In other words, it\’s just begging to be made into an anime.

Consider that Genshin Impact already has its own web comic, whose first chapters released back in December of 2018. It specifically features the Knights of Favonious and Diluc confronting Fatui infiltration in Monsdadt. It also has characters not yet featured in the video game, including the mysterious Collei who has grim ties to the Fatui. In this case, there may even be manga chapters set in the other lands that have not yet been featured.

Overall, there is a lot of content for an anime to work with. It would be interesting to see it based on the seven Archons of Teyvat, along with the Adepti of Liyue during or after the Archon War. Venti implies in-game and in the comic his time in the Archon War, along with his relationships with the other gods. Not only could this further the backstory of everyone\’s favorite but elusive bard, but also give insight into how countries other than Monsdadt and Liyue came to be.