The Genshin Impact world of Teyvat is filled with secret locations, puzzles, and hidden loot for players to find. There\’s even an entire hidden island in Genshin Impact that players can get to. One of the secret locations is a place called Taishan Mansion, and it can only be entered by those who first complete the puzzle at Jueyun Karst.

Jueyun Karst is a lake located north and a little east of Tianqiu Valley. The lake is rather large, so it might take a while to figure out the puzzle that allows players to drain the water and get into the mansion. But there are two pillars located around the lake, and once the players interacts with both, the Mansion will open its hidden door.

Pillar 1

First head to the northeastern-most part of the lake, and there will be a pillar there. Defeat the three rounds of enemies, making sure to use the proper Genshin Impact elemental counters to get rid of them quickly. Once all the enemies are dead, grab the treasure chest before jumping up onto the pillar and interacting with the glowing, orange button on top of it.

A cutscene will play showing the lake being drained of about half of its water, and that will make the second pillar available to the Genshin Impact player.

Pillar 2

The cutscene will show a pillar in the newly-drained lake that is encircled with glowing, orange runes and a rock on it. Around it are several tiny pagoda-looking statues. Each one needs to be filled with a glowing rock. The glowing rocks can be found scattered around the lake; they look a bit like giant black flowers with glowing, orange bits.

Players just need to attack the rocks until they break. After the rock is in their inventory, return to the statue and activate it with the rock.

Find three rocks, then activate all three statues. Then interact with the pillar in the center of the circle to trigger another cutscene to move onto the next part of the puzzle. Don\’t forget to grab the treasure chests, and also double check later to see if the Genshin Impact treasure chests have respawned with more loot.

The Door to the Mansion

Once the lake is completely drained of water, the cutscene will focus in on the door, which is now glowing and accessible. There is a precious treasure chest in front of the door, so grab that and continue to the doorway. Interact with the door and it will open, giving players access to the four levels of the Taishan Mansion. Make sure to have a great, top-tier team of Genshin Impact characters to delve the depths of this dungeon.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, and PS4.