Genshin Impact was the highest grossing iOS game in eight countries the day after it introduced new banner character Klee, giving the game its best sales day since launch. The free-to-play gacha RPG has already been incredibly successful from day one, setting a new record as the biggest worldwide game launch ever for a Chinese developer.

Though it’s free to download and play Genshin Impact, the game makes money through microtransactions, which give players in-game items and the chance to earn powerful weapons and characters through its gacha “Wish” system. One of the biggest criticisms of the game from players is just how bad the odds of pulling high-level characters and weapons are, though that’s also exactly why it’s already made so much money for developer miHoYo. There were even rumors that the recent 1.1 update would improve Genshin Impact’s character drop rates, but they turned out to be false.

Regardless of players’ dislike of Genshin Impact’s monetization system, it seems that plenty of them are still shelling out quite a lot of money to recruit their characters of choice. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, October 21 was Genshin Impact’s best day ever, with the game taking the top sales spot on iOS in eight countries, including the US, China, Canada, and South Korea, and sitting at number two in Japan. Ahmad says the game’s sales boost was caused by the introduction of Klee, a new banner character, the previous day.

During its development, Genshin Impact drew a lot of comparisons to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some accused the game of being derivative, while others simply noted that it was unsurprisingly borrowing from one of the most lauded games of the past few years. Now that it’s out, though, players are discovering that it has a lot of unique features to offer, not least of which are its characters. Genshin Impact already has a huge cast of potential party members, and with more coming in free updates, there’s good reason to believe that it will keep players on the hook for a long time to come.

It’s true that the chances of pulling a top-tier character in Genshin Impact are incredibly slim, even by gacha standards, but its positive qualities are clearly enough to make players willing to stick with it. Despite being free-to-play, Genshin Impact is a fully featured RPG, and miHoYo has already laid out plans to make major expansions, including a new area called Dragonspine, in upcoming patches. With so much attention on the game and plans for more to come, this might not be the last time Genshin Impact smashes its own sales record.