While most characters in Genshin Impact aren\’t obtained through the main story, a select few of them are. One of these characters is Kaeya, a Knight of Favonius who uses the Cryo element to freeze enemies and cause ice damage. As a 4-star character and one of the few free Genshin Impact party members, Kaeya is a decent fighter and can also fill a support role. For anyone looking to optimize his stats, there are definitely ideal character builds for Kaeya.

Obtained early in Genshin Impact\’s story, Kaeya\’s ice-based attacks are great for causing damage-over-time and freezing foes. This also means Kaeya can freeze water when it\’s in front of him by using his Cryo powers. This ability is very useful, making it exponentially easier to cross large bodies of water since players don\’t have to worry about running out of stamina and drowning.