One of the many Electro users in Genshin Impact, Keqing is a sword-wielding character from Liyue. Although she may be somewhat rare through the game\’s Wish system, players lucky enough to obtain her will definitely want Keqing in their Genshin Impact party. Her powerful Electro spells and sword skills can be improved even further, if players use the best character build.

Like most of the characters in Genshin Impact, Keqing must be pulled through the Wish system. This means acquiring her is purely up to chance. Much like Genshin Impact\’s Lisa the librarian, Keqing uses her Electro abilities to cause AoE damage. However, Keqing\’s stats (and especially her defense) are much better than Lisa\’s. When it comes to Electro users, Keqing is only outshined by Fischl, an S-tier character.