For the last five days, Genshin Impact players have received a daily letter from the recently arrived Pyro-wielder and Knight of Favonius, Klee. Travelers have received a small token of appreciation along with each cute note, but the latest and final letter leaves players with more than a gift.

Many of the central Genshin Impact characters are featured in their own \”Story Quest,\” which invites players on a journey involving the particular Story Quest\’s character. Needless to say, many of the game\’s characters, especially the newer ones, still lack a Story Quest, so it\’s expected that these narrative-focused questlines will be a major component of future updates.

Klee, the recently arrived Pyro mage is one of those many characters still lacking a Story Quest and in light of her explosive popularity, it\’s not surprising that fans are demanding one. She began sending players personal notes five days ago, detailing a secret (from Jean, mostly,) adventure that she was taking.

With every note from Klee, Genshin Impact players have been treated to a small bundle of items, always including Primogems. While each letter featured engaging details about Klee\’s personality and adventuring style, the last one seems to provide an even more exciting bit: a hint at a future quest with Klee.

Klee ends her fifth letter with a short sentence, suggesting that she\’d like the Traveler (that is, the main player,) to tag along on her next secret Genshin Impact fish-exploding expedition. This could- of course- just be a cheeky ending to her letter, but, given that the five-day event itself still lacks an explanation/reason for existing, it\’s widely assumed to be a deliberate message. Fans cannot help but speculate that this future \”secret adventure with Traveler\” can only mean a future (possibly imminent?) Story Quest featuring the adorable pyromaniac Klee.

While the campaign missions/narrative arcs of large-scale free-to-play MMORPGs like Genshin Impact are often overlooked as stale, this game\’s Story Quests have been a wildly popular hit with fans. Players have noted that the game\’s myriad Story Quests are actually incredibly effective at giving depth to popular characters, like Razor and Mona, rather than just co-existing as generic frames for the game\’s intense battles. In other words, Travelers who\’ve played the Story Quests seem to want more of them, and of course, miHoYo seems like it\’s planning to provide.

Whether Klee receives a new Story Quest in the near future or not, players are already expecting an entirely new slate of characters, like Zhongli and Childe, to join Genshin Impact at some point in the next several months. Hopefully, at least one of these new premium characters will introduce their own Story Quest too.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is in development for Switch.