Genshin Impact: Leaks Suggest An Overhaul To the Gacha-Based System

Genshin Impact, developed by MiHoYo, is an open-world action RPG game with a gacha-based summoning system. The game is already the second top-grossing app on iOS after Tik-Tok. Some leaks about the 1.1 update of the game suggest big changes in the game meta and new 8-player content for the players. These leaks are based on the update notes from an official Chinese website. After translating these notes from Chinese to English, a bunch of new information is available about the new update.

System-related changes in Genshin Impact

Following the update, players can get original resins from Katheryne every day at 12 PM and 6 PM. Small, yet important, features like a notification when friends come online, and quick chat function will make it into the game. Lastly, Android players will be able to experience 60 FPS and high graphics.

New story quest, characters, and maps in the game?

There will be a new story quest in Liyue harbor, along with two new characters named Zhongli and Ayaka Kamisato. Last but not least, a new map called Inazuma will also be added to the game. Moreover, this update will also fix irregular scenes and the bug because of which monsters would get stuck.

Bigger changes in Genshin Impact’s meta

First and foremost, gacha will not display rates anymore and the number of spins will guarantee items to the players. Rolling 10 times will guarantee a 4-star Bonding Fate item and a 4-star weapon and rolling 50 times will guarantee a 5-star Bonding Fate item and a 5-star weapon. Players can exchange any 4-star hero for 4-star Bonding Fate.

The update will also bring new puzzle-solving side quests along with 8-players challenges. The main story plot of the game will upgrade to the Teyvat chapter and will be available for all the players at Adventure Rank 32 or above.

There are some minor changes in character climbing, as players can now disable ‘hiding characters while climbing’ after they confirm their age (above 18). There is a new shortcut to switch parties but it will not work in battles.

If these leaks are true, this is going to be a very remarkable update for Genshin Impact. Such constant changes always help the games to stay relevant and fans expect the same from Genshin Impact.

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