Genshin Impact characters and weapons all require varying materials before allowing themselves to be upgraded and enhanced, most of which are found naturally throughout the game\’s continent, Teyvat. Some of these rare crafting ingredients, like the Starconch, are also often featured as part of in-game quests and challenges too, making them all the more valuable to hold onto.

Travelers who\’ve opted to purchase the Genshin Impact Battle Pass are probably already familiar with the \”Specialty Challenge\” series of tasks, which require that players collect 100 \”local specialties\” from the region named by the particular challenge.  These Specialty Challenges are making the hunt for natural resources even more important, as they help players level up their Battle Pass in pursuit of rewards.

The Liyue Specialty Challenge tasks players with collecting 100 Liyue Local Specialties, like the Jueyun Chili. And although Chilis have been a popular choice for the Specialty Challenge, some players have chosen to hunt for Starconchs instead.

These rare deep-blue seashells can be found on shoresides in Liyue, and they\’re not only classified as Liyue Local Specialties, but also needed to complete a quest based in the Guyun Stone Forest. Players venturing near the tropical Domain of Guyun may have already started the quest, \”A Lone Ship in Guyun,\” which requires three Starconchs to be completed.

Between the Battle Pass Specialty Challenge, in-game quests, and other potential uses, players would be wise to try and keep a supply of Starconchs around. As such, Redditor u/Kelsaris has provided Travelers with a handy guide to farming nearly 50 Starconchs in roughly 10 minutes of gameplay. By taking advantage of the shores in Liyue, especially those around small Genshin Impact islands like the Guyun Stone Forest, players can quickly gather all the Starconchs they\’ll ever need.

Players looking to make the full lap for Starconchs could easily start at Yaoguang Shoal, then work their ways down and through the Guili Plains shoreside, and eventually over east to the Guyun Stone Forest. Alternatively, Travelers can start at the forest (especially if they haven\’t started the Lone Ship quest), and work their ways west and north towards the Yaoguang Shoal.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.