Developer miHoYo continues to generate an incredible amount of profit from its open-world game, as Genshin Impact revenue was close to $400 million on mobile alone over its first two months available. Genshin Impact is a game heavily inspired by Breath of the Wild in the way its open world is designed, giving players a bit more direction when it comes to questing but otherwise preserving the same feeling of exploration as a primary interest driver.

That isn\’t to say that the gameplay of Genshin Impact lives and dies by world exploration alone, however, as the title also implements some savvy combat systems that use elemental damage modifiers, party composition, and more to help deepen its tactical appeal. The result has been a wildly successful game that continues to generate money for miHoYo, with Genshin Impact revenue exceeding $60 million in its first week and maintaining a torrid pace since then. Part of that can be attributed to the game\’s nature as a gacha game with premium currency – some players with excess cash will gladly sink in thousands to have the best team – but plenty of players are much more frugal with their gacha spending, and Genshin Impact still appeals thanks to fairly accessible premium currency as part of login bonuses, events, and more.