miHoYo has announced another set of incoming changes to Genshin Impact in a brief Developers Discussion post on their official website. The changes will impact a number of the game\’s features, though Resin changes seem to be one of the update\’s more substantial elements.

Genshin Impact recently dropped on mobile stores and PS4 as a free-to-play MMORPG, heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It features an expansive continent, Teyvat, which boasts countless hidden creatures, treasures, and artifacts, for players to uncover. Developers very recently asked players to partake in a short preferences survey, and it seems that they\’re applying the survey\’s results ASAP.

Players who chose to complete the Genshin Impact preferences survey received a gift of 30,000 Mora directly after doing so. Although the comprehensive survey asked fans precise questions, like how and why they were Ascending specific characters, for example, most didn\’t anticipate any results to be taken into consideration so quickly. As per a Developers Discussion posted on the Genshin Impact website, miHoYo will begin incorporating feedback from these surveys in the game\’s most recent update, Version 1.1.

The updates cover a few different fan concerns, but the showpiece is undeniably miHoYo\’s first acknowledgement of the game\’s Resin issues. Players use Original Resin to claim rewards from \”Ley Line Blossoms\” and \”Trounch Blossoms\” in Genshin Impact. The blossoms are effectively fortified chests that spawn upon defeating a powerful in-game enemy, and that refuse to open until a player sacrifices a particular amount of Original Resin. They often hold valuable Artifacts and other rewards, so players frequently find themselves spending Resin on them.

Original Resin recharges itself over time, and as such, is Genshin Impact\’s form of rechargeable \”energy,\” a feature commonly seen in free-to-start games. The game\’s original recharge rate requires 16 hours to completely restore a player\’s Resin supply, which makes farming Ascension materials, for example, particularly cumbersome. On top of this, the weekly Battle Pass Missions task players with spending 1,600 Original Resin, which is simply too large a number for most casual gamers.

Version 1.1 of Genshin Impact will reduce the weekly Battle Pass Mission requirement from 1,600 Original Resin, to 1,200 Original Resin. It will also allow players to hold 160 total Original Resin at once, instead of only 120. These changes, though seemingly small, will expand the possibility of Resin spending options for players, and at least indicate that miHoYo is willing to make adjustments to its beloved creations.

Version 1.1 also introduces partial key binding functionality, a free to obtain custom teleport-waypoint-generating item, ways to filter Genshin Impact\’s rare Artifacts, and other minor quality of life improvements. Considering that miHoYo\’s survey went out to players less than a week ago, the direct acknowledgement of so many different concerns is particularly delightful to see, as most game changes often take weeks, if not months, to ever concretize.

Genshin Impact is available now on Android, iOS, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version also in development.