Genshin Impact players are celebrating the arrival of several in-game treats, including new Story Quests, gifts from Klee, and most recently, Day 1 of the Marvelous Merchandise event. Travelers who\’ve just logged on may be wondering where to find the event\’s traveling questkeeper, Liben, and although the game offers a general hint, his precise location has already been uncovered.

The Marvelous Merchandise event marks the first significant long-form celebration in the full release of Genshin Impact. It features a new NPC, the wandering merchant Liben, and offers Travelers the opportunity to open \”Boxes o\’ Marvel.\”

October 26th is the first day of the week-long Marvelous Merchandise event, and as such, players will be able to open their first Box o\’ Marvel. In short, Travelers will have to locate the roaming Liben once a day, every day, until November 2nd. In doing so, players will receive a short request from the traveling merchant, which upon completion, grants them access to a new, single, Box o\’ Marvel.

Rather than receiving a specific box from Liben, players receive one \”chance\” to open one of Liben\’s seven Boxes o\’ Marvel. Each Box o\’ Marvel represents one of the seven Genshin Impact Visions, and players can open them in any order.

To locate Liben, players can take advantage of a daily in-game message containing a clue. The clue is \”swipe to reveal,\” so players can also opt for taking the brunt of the detective work and making this a full-scale adventure. That being said, once revealed, players can review the hint at any time by checking Paimon\’s Inbox for messages.

On Day 1, \”Rumor has it that people have seen an odd person show up inside Mondstadt.\” As such, Travelers should search the interiors of Mondstadt for Liben. He will be found directly to the right, just after entering Mondstadt through its main gates. Players will have to help Liben find 10 mushrooms on Day 1.

Genshin Impact is available now on Android, iOS, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version also in development.