Genshin Impact players have enjoyed some new content since release, but the game\’s first fleshed-out event is underway and Travelers are on the daily hunt for a shady new merchant, Liben. He\’ll be wandering Teyvat for the next few days, offering players a chance to earn one of his coveted \”Boxes o\’ Marvel.\”

Although Genshin Impact has already featured many \”events\” throughout the month following its release, most of them have consisted of simple gift giveaways, like the \”Barbara\’s Shining Debut\” event. This week-long scavenger hunt marks the first event that not only requires active in-game participation, but also introduces new content.

The Marvelous Merchandise event began on October 26, and will run until November 2, 2020. On day one, players finally met the dubious traveling salesman, Liben, and subsequently learned what Marvelous Merchandise is all about. On each of the seven Marvelous Merchandise days, Liben will appear in a new spot across Teyvat. Players will receive a daily clue as to his location via direct message to Paimon\’s Inbox, and once found he tasks players with a request.

Upon completing Liben\’s request, players earn one chance to unwrap a Box o\’ Marvel. Liben holds seven Boxes o\’ Marvel (one for each day of the event), and each of the boxes seems to contain a combination of valuable Primogems with some other materials (e.g. Talent Ascension materials, Mora, EXP materials). Players can only complete one task for Liben per day, so players won\’t be able to claim all seven boxes until the final day of the event.

Day 1 tasked players with collecting mushrooms (not the rare Philanemo Mushrooms needed for Ascension), and on Day 2 Liben calls for 10 pinecones, which most Travelers will probably already have in their possessions. As his daily clue mentions, he has been seen in Springvale, and players will find him by heading into the small Teyvat village. Springvale is directly under Mondstadt, and Liben is just north of the entrance – he can be seen from atop Springvale\’s windmill.

It should also be noted that players don\’t actually receive a Box from Liben after completing his task; they receive one \”Chance\” to open a Box o\’ Marvel. These earned chances don\’t expire until the event is over, and a player can stack them. Travelers will just have to find Liben whenever they\’d like to start claiming Boxes o\’ Marvel, since he always holds onto them himself.

Some players may very well want to open all their Boxes at once on the last day, and that\’s completely fine, but once the event concludes it will be impossible to open a Box o\’ Marvel (until Liben returns). If they\’re lucky, Travelers might learn more about why Liben has Dragon Balls the next time he comes through Genshin Impact, but that\’s probably wishful thinking.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.